Traveling Italy with Polaroid - Get Lost With Jackie

Traveling Italy with Polaroid

I spent the end of October and majority of November exploring some of the cities in Northern Italy and I brought my Polaroid Snap Instant camera along, taking some awesome shots that made handheld memories. Not only did the Polaroid Snap add to my Italy…
Why You Need a Travel Agent - Get Lost With jackie

Why You Need a Travel Agent

Let me start by premising this article with the bold fact that having a travel agent has actually saved me money on my travels. Let alone headaches, mistakes, and so much more. Let me also state that this is not a sponsored post. I’m just…
How To Use Your Phone Abroad - Get Lost With Jackie

How to Use Your Phone Abroad

As an avid traveler “how do you use your phone abroad” is one of the questions I’m asked most often by friends, family and fans/followers. There are loads of options for staying connected when you’re abroad and each of them vary based on your needs,…
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