What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman - Get Lost With Jackie

What to Wear in Morocco as a Woman

“What’s appropriate to wear in Morocco?” “What should I wear in Morocco?” “Are there clothing restrictions in Morocco?” “Am I allowed to expose my shoulders in Morocco?” “Do I have to cover my hair in Morocco?” “Can my knees be exposed in Morocco?” If you’ve…
Traveling Italy with Polaroid - Get Lost With Jackie

Traveling Italy with Polaroid

I spent the end of October and majority of November exploring some of the cities in Northern Italy and I brought my Polaroid Snap Instant camera along, taking some awesome shots that made handheld memories. Not only did the Polaroid Snap add to my Italy…
Why You Need a Travel Agent - Get Lost With jackie

Why You Need a Travel Agent

Let me start by premising this article with the bold fact that having a travel agent has actually saved me money on my travels. Let alone headaches, mistakes, and so much more. Let me also state that this is not a sponsored post. I’m just…
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