In case you’re a little late to this party, allow me to introduce myself; I’m Jackie, a certified travel addict that enjoys getting lost. I owe my desire to get lost from my parents; who always took us on family road trips with no particular route – just a destination. We explored State and National Parks across North America, giving young Jackie a sense of adventure, an appreciation for the unknown/unexpected and a lust for life; a wanderlust, if you will.

My first taste of international travel was all over Spain in high school with the Spanish club. This new type of travel was a sensory overload! The harmonious blend of history, culture, unique architecture fused with intoxicating scents of tapas while different dialects of Spanish were spoken all around me was a melody that has stuck with me, eleven years later. To this day the scent of shrimp sizzling in a butter garlic sauce takes me back to gambas al ajillo (shrimp in garlic) on the streets of Barcelona.

After high school I began business classes at a local college while working a dream career at BMW. I spent nearly two years working with the Fortune 500 company, contributing to a retirement fund while most people my age were put themselves in debt. The only problem was that this dream career was someone else’s – not mine. I quit BMW with not a prospect in sight or any clue where the world would take me. One thing I knew for sure was that it was better and bigger than BMW, and c’mon, that kind of intuition isn’t something you ignore.

I founded my business consulting and management firm on May 25, 2011. Taking my educational backgrounds in English and Business Development and combining them to provide business planning, marketing solutions and content development for small businesses. By 2013 I had acquired my own office and even had two interns! I decided to take myself on a much needed vacation and wanted to truly reward myself for my 25th birthday. And then there was Bali….

I don’t know how to describe Bali properly; because since having been there I don’t think any photos or words truly capture the feeling that is Bali. The smiles on the faces of the locals,, the smell in the air of offerings, the culture, the history… The Balinese’s devotion to their religion and the culture that coincides with it is like no other on the planet and no group of people on earth truly have touched me in that way, in a way that made me reevaluate everything I knew. And thus, Get Lost With Jackie was born….

Travel, Lifestyle, Views & Hues is the tagline I catch-phrased to summarize what you can expect from Get Lost With Jackie.I feature Travel, Experiences, Accommodations, Cuisines, Reviews, Style, Fashion, Beauty, Tips and Inspiration all while capturing my subject matter in colorful hues.