Checking In: Aria Hotel, Budapest: The Best Hotel In The World

I had the opportunity to check in to Aria Hotel Budapest, a music themed property in Budapest, Hungary for a night before departing on a two-week cruise. I happen to have a huge problem with my stay at Aria Hotel in Budapest – and it’s that I opted for only a one night stay at this property (recently named the best hotel in the world). I could’ve spent ages here as the property blew me away with the attention to detail, the décor, the cuisine and overall ambiance.

The main lobby, where breakfast is also served, was gorgeous and so uniquely decorated.

In tune (pun intended) with the musical theme, master designer Zoltan Varro opted to harmoniously pair traditional Hungarian palace opulence with contemporary design and distinguishing furniture. What’s truly special about the Aria Hotel is that they paired contemporary art, design and furniture with overall comfort and intimate settings – without it feeling forced.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieAnother view from the lobby seating area where opulence met comfort and they blended melodiously ever after. Take note to the glass roof above the lobby!

The Rooms:

There are 44 rooms and five suites at Aria Hotel in Budapest and all fall right in line with the musical theme. I had the pleasure of staying in the Jazz Wing (along with the Jazz Wing the hotel also boasts a Classical Wing, an Opera Wing and a Contemporary Wing – in which all the styles of the rooms are decorated differently, according to their appropriate wing).

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With Jackie* SWOON * at first sight of my room.

My signature room came equipped with some typical hotel amenities including a king-sized bed, an iPod dock, a writing desk, a Nespresso coffee and tea station (one of my favorite amenities) and a large flat screen television. But what set Aria’s rooms apart were the additional amenities including TWO chaise lounges, an in-suite bathtub (separate from the full bathroom with standup shower), super plush robes, Molton Brown Bath Amenities, access to a digital music library, my own in-room iPad (which made ordering enough room service for two, just for myself, a lot less awkward than having to do it over the phone).

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieA different angle of my room where you can see the mirrored writing desk as well as other 1920’s Jazz inspired décor.

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for an outdoor space – so I was thrilled to learn that I had terrace access from my room. But what set the terrace at Aria Hotel aside from your average terrace was the view! The property is set up as courtyard style so you’re able to look right down into the lobby, which is why I noted above to see the glass ceiling in the lobby.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieThe view from my terrace looking down into the lobby.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieAfter fifteen hours of traveling on virtually zero sleep – I was thrilled to have the in-room Nespresso setup!

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieAfter making my first (of three) afternoon espressos I enjoyed it on the terrace.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieTypically, courtyard style properties can tend to be a bit bland but the flora made the outdoor terrace area super relaxing and equally beautiful.

The Cuisine:

Remember when I said I utilized the in-room iPad to order room service? Well, I was thrilled with my decision to do so. I had traveled for so long that I couldn’t muster the energy to get dressed and do my hair/makeup after showering so I opted for dinner in my gorgeous room. To start I had a shrimp and garlic pasta garnished with fresh greens and roasted garlic. Perhaps not the best choice as far as aroma inside of your hotel room – but definitely a great choice as far as consumption goes. It was delicious! And I ended with a dessert that was twice as delicious as it was beautiful.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieMy first course, pasta with shrimp.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieThis was a strawberry and pistachio mille-feuille (which is more commonly known as a “Napolean”) and it was decked to the 9’s with beautiful flowers and fresh strawberries.

The Spa:

I was SO UPSET that I hadn’t packed a bathing suit after discovering the Aria Hotel’s Spa and pool area. The Wellness Center and Harmony Spa is a place to “renew your body and spirit” – although I didn’t indulge in any of the services, I totally reached a sense of calming and contentment when exploring the spa area. The Harmony Spa even offers fitness classes for those looking to stay on a regiment while traveling.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieWho wouldn’t feel immediate relaxation in a spa area like this?

The Property:

Just when you’re under the assumption that you’ve taken in all that Aria Hotel has to offer, I’m going to tell you a bit about their public venues. The High-Note SkyBar has GORGEOUS sprawling views of the Budapest skyline and even boasts ‘The Pavilion’ which offers the same views, in a glass enclosed structure, providing the outdoor “feel” without the winter “feels” when the weather begins to turn. You can also rent a Panorama Terrace, or as Aria Hotel refers to them, “Love Nests” which offer the same stunning views of the city for private groups as small as two or as large as 30.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieA bird’s eye view of the pavilion (to the left), the terrace (straight ahead), and the Panorama Terraces (to the right).

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieSome of the public seating options at the Panorama Terrace with beautiful views of some of Budapest’s most stunning architecture.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieWho wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon wining and dining on this gorgeous terrace?

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieThe contemporary design meshed with the comfort of intimate space and privacy.

As stunning as the terrace views and hues were – my favorite venues were both on the first floor of the Aria Hotel.  Satchmo’s Library boasting hues of purple (my favorite type of hues!) had beautiful orchids, cozy and intimate as well as luxurious and opulent seating options – and even a fireplace! Opposite of Satchmo’s Library – is Satchmo’s Bar. The walls are adorned in beautiful teal velvet and geometric mirrors and is everything you’d never expect in a hotel bar, and then some.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieMy favorite seating area in Satchmo’s library. I could’ve sat in the corner of this venue and read a novel from cover to cover without moving.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With JackieFortunately, for the public, Satchmo’s Bar is open daily for anyone who’d like to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail in one of the most stunning bar venues ever.

As I mentioned before, the way that Aria Hotel has successfully merged comfort and opulence almost seems unreal. The décor and the theme flow from space to space throughout the property and it’s no wonder that TripAdvisor recently named Aria Hotel Budapest the number one hotel in the world. Yes, you read that properly, the number one hotel, in the entire world. If Budapest isn’t on your immediate bucket list – it should be and Aria Hotel is the perfect place to base yourself when visiting Budapest.

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With Jackie

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With Jackie

Aria Hotel Budapest - Get Lost With Jackie




*Disclaimer: I was hosted at Aria Hotel Budapest as a guest. My opinions, as always, remain my own.

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  1. awesome! I met with them at the NY Times Travel Show last year. 😉 I just returned from Budapest yesterday but did the post cruise extension with Viking which put us at the Corinthia Hotel. It was awesome but yours looks fabulous, too! 😉

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      Oh, man! I’m sorry I missed them at the NYT Travel show! That’s so fun that you did the post cruise extension!! I wanted to do it in Amsterdam but it conflicted with my schedule. How’d you like your cruise?!

  2. Chiera says:

    All I can say is that this place looks perfect! Very rarely have I seen a hotel this cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sara says:

    I am going to Budapest in June and I kinda wish I booked this place now. Although I am more of an Airbnb traveler than a hotel! But this looks amazing. I m thinking I will have to visit the bar one night for the view. I assume that when you say public it means I can go even when I am not staying there?

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      Oh man well I totally suggest visiting the bar! You can for sure visit even if you’re not a guest. The views are to die for!

  4. Alaine says:

    Love the quirky decor in the hotel!

  5. Ketki says:

    The hotel does look best in the world. Absolutely lovely decor and the food looks yum. I hope you had a fun tour later? Would love to read more about it.

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I, unfortunately, didn’t have much time to explore in Budapest as I departed on a cruise the day after arriving in the city! But perhaps I’ll do a post with my photos from Budapest!

  6. Justine says:

    I love your colorful photos! I love the funky vibe of the hotel


  7. Lavina says:

    That is one heavenly hotel! The views from the terrace and that mille-feuille! Definitely gonna park it for when I plan to visit Budapest 🙂

  8. Wow, what a stunning hotel! Love the musical touches and it just looks so bright, cheerful and sumptuous! I would love to stay here when i make it to Budapest!

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