Must-Have Beauty Products for a Tropical Vacation

When preparing to travel to a tropical climate there’s heaps to keep in mind when packing (think: sandals, dresses, sunnies). But, one thing many people neglect to consider is that their entire beauty routine can (and probably will be) thrown out of whack on your tropical getaway.

If you’re like me, you’ll be prepping your beauty and skincare products to help you attract the sun and get a sunny glow. But, fret not, this list of the best beauty products for a tropical vacation covers everything from SPF’s to aloes to haircare (and more) and will have you sporting your best warm weather skin, under any instance (even if you’re not a sun baby like me!).

Under the Sun

Coconut Oil

I STAN FOR COCONUT OIL. It’s found itself on my 17 Items you Need for Travel roundup as well as my Best Beauty Products for Stressed Winter Skin list. If you have yet to try coconut oil for yourself, now is the time. With tanning season around the corner, we must gear up to keep our skin and hair in tip-top shape.  My favorite thing to use to keep my skin soft and my hair hydrated is coconut especially, Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt its basically the holy grail of coconut oil’s.  From using as a pre-tan oil to attract the sun and increase your glow, to using it post shower as a super hydrating moisturizer, to using it in your hair as a hydrating mask – you can’t go wrong with coconut oil.

Pineapple Flower, Mineral Bronzing SPF

Sometimes you need a little extra bronzing boost from your SPF.  This pineapple flower scented mineral bronzing sunscreen is just what you need to enhance your glowing skin while keeping it protected.  Plus, the scent of this mineral sunscreen is summer in a can! 

I lowkey stan for the Pineapple Wipe Out Face wipes and Coconut Glow Mineral Bronzing Sunscreen (left) and love the extra SPF in the mineral SPF lip balm (right).

Essential Oil Hydrating Mist

If you’re like me then you probably love to bask in the sun and spend sunny summer days tanning by the pool or on a beach.  We don’t realize it but when we’re tanning we’re dehydrating our skin.  The best thing i’ve purchased for my tanning days is this Maui Babe Essential Oils Hydrating Mist.   It’s the perfect refresher my tanning skin needs plus it has a delicious tropical scent!

Sun Safety Kit

Not sure which sunscreen is best for you?  Behold, the Sun Safety Kit from Sephora that offers 12 classic lotions with SPF for you to try out.  Some of the options are even tinted so wearing sunscreen everyday can act as your makeup.  Fun fact; Sephora will be donating proceeds to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Sun care for a great cause!

Summer Soleil Cushion Foundation

I found the absolutely best cushion foundation by Tom Ford.  It has SPF 45 and leaves your skin with a healthy-looking glow from it’s natural sheer coverage. The best part is that it’s suitable on all skin types!

Summer All Stars

This mineral sunscreen/face mask round-up known as Summer All-Stars by Peter Thomas Roth is a great way to try out a new mineral sunscreen. As its the best of the best for you to try and test out.  I personally love this sunscreen and tried their cucumber mask after a day in the sun and it soothed any burning sensation.  Try out the duo and enjoy the healing!

Sun Silk Crème

Although sunscreens are protective, the consistency of the lotion is not always pleasant.  This sun silk crème by Coolahas SPF 30 and is the airiest, lightest formulas I have ever tried on my skin.  The lotion glides on so smooth and evenly you don’t even feel like you have any sunscreen on.  It is perfect for those sensitive to thicker lotions who prefer translucent coverage.

Daydream Mineral Primer

Another product of Coola’s that I have been loving is this Suncare Daydream Mineral Primer.  This primer is perfect for those with enlarged pores who are looking smooth out their skin while keeping it protected.  This primer contains SPF 30 and provides a silky smooth matte finish perfect for makeup application and keeping your makeup intact all day long. 

SPF For Sensitive, Acne Prone Skin

Not everyone has perfect, silky-smooth skin. This Sensitive, Acne Prone Sunscreen is dermatologist tested and recommended to use on sensitive skin to keep from breaking out while basking in the sun. While some sunscreens tend to cause unwanted blemishes on our faces, this is the perfect facial sunscreen to keep our skin happy, glowing and blemish free!

SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid

While this option is a bit of a splurge – I can totally vouch for La Mer products being worth the spend. This  SPF 50 UV protecting fluidis the best daily sunscreen option out there.  It’s perfect and lightweight for everyday wear and it’s formula is specifically designed to protect  against harmful UV’s and damaging light. I know you’re thinking, “well most sunscreens do that”?  This lotion also acts as a skin soother, so it keeps your skin hydrated, soothed and protected.

I never travel to the tropics without Bain de Soleil but don’t let the word “sunscreen” fool you – this helps develop a natural tropical glow!

SPF 30 Mineral Bronzing Face Shade

Get the perfect sun kissed glow before stepping foot out in the sun with this mineral bronzing face shade. This water resistant, bronzing facial lotion contains an SPF of 30 and is easy to apply evenly throughout your face, keeping it glowing and hydrated! 

Sun Care Signature Travel Set

This sun care travel set by Coola is the perfect travel set for the girl with travel fever.  It contains four of Coola’s best sun care products all containing SPF 30, plus one after sun lotion that is perfect for post sun skin to cool and soothe.  My favorite product in this set is the classic face cucumber moisturizer, anything that is cucumber scented grabs my attention.

Browning Lotion

For only $13 this amazing Browning Lotion by Maui Babe accelerates the tanning process cutting your time in the sun in half while giving your skin the perfect sun kissed tan you’ve been dreaming of.  Best part about this lotion is that it can be mixed with your favorite SPF lotions so you’re protected and tanning. 

After the Sun

Mermaid “Totally Fun” After Sun

Okay, so anything with Mermaid in its title automatically catches my attention.  Who doesn’t want to look and feel like a mermaid? This amazing sunshine & glitter totally fun after sun lotion not only soothes your burns but it also gives your skin a stunning glitter glow.  

High Tides + Good Vibes Palate

Tarte is one of my favorite makeup lines.  I happen to really love this high tides & good vibes eyeshadow palette it’s the perfect addition to a freshly tanned face.  It offers eight different powder eyeshadows plus 4 high-impact glitter gel toppers that are so pretty and fun for summer looks.

Coconut Crush Scrub

Ready for a brand new amazing scrub that exfoliates and hydrates dry skin while leaving you with a gorgeous glow?  I found this coconut crush scrub by Kopari and it is the answer to all of your uneven skin tone needs.  It helps smooth out uneven skin areas while giving your skin the glow it’s been craving.

Aloe, Cucumber + Green Tea Facial Mist

Need a little boost in the mornings to get you going?  This Mario Badescu facial spray not only does it smell amazing as it is infused with cucumber and green tea (yum!) but with one spritz it it wakes up and freshens dry and tired skin.  I find it’s a great addition to my morning skincare routine to give me that morning boost we all need.

After-Sun Extender

Sisley products are known to be very pricey but are also known to be the most effective, at least I have found that when using their products.  One product that I recommend splurging on by Sisley is their After-Sun Care Tan Extender.  This product is specifically formulated to soothe, rehydrate and instantly refresh your skin after exposure to sun.  Basically, it makes your tan last even longer while keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated.

Post Sun Care Set

After a long day out in the sun your skin is usually pining for rehydration.  Clinique offers a great Post Sun Skin Care Set that includes a 7 day scrub cream that you rinse-off which assists to refine and minimize the appearance of fine lines.  It also includes a moisture surge 72-hour auto-replenishing hydrator which literally hydrates your skin after being in the sun for 72 hours.  The third item in this set is the chubby set lip balm that has a natural tint that keeps dry, chapped lips hydrated and colorful.

Moisture Surge Set

Another great product from Clinique that I highly recommend checking out is this Moisture Surge Set that includes Cliniques ‘dewy delights’ which consists of a facial hydrating spray, a 72-hour auto hydrator, an auto surge overnight mask and a watermelon moisturizing color lip balm.  Hydration at it’s best!

SunBurnt Ultra Hydrating Gel

I found a great after sun ultra hydrating gel for only $9.  This natural organic gel assists in soothing sunburns after spending long hours out in the sun.  No need to fret about a burn when you have this gel by your side.

Cooling Gel + Body Hydrator

After long hours in the sun, even if you don’t get a sunburn, your skin needs to be rehydrated.  This Cooling Gel + Body Hydrator is easily absorbed and extremely lightweight.  It’s great for soothing, cooling, hydrating and restoring moisture that was lost from your skin while you baked away in the sun.  It’s a great after sun gel to add into your moisturizing routine.

Soothe 5-Minute Flashmasque

Need to cool and calm your skin in a pinch?  This Soothe 5-Minute Flashmasque is your solution.  Within 5-minutes restore your skin with this innovative sheet masque that mimics the aloe vera plant to calm and soothe troubled skin.  So even if you’re out of time, this mask takes only 5 minutes of your day to soothe and restore. 

After Sun Body Spray

Give your body some sprucing up and good smells with this After Sun Body Spray that is coconut vanilla scented, yum!  This is a great spray to cool down your body after dying of heat all day long out in the sun, plus it will make you smell delicious, as if you weren’t drenched in your sweat all day long. 

For Your Hair

Make Waves Set

Want easy and effortless looking summer waves?  Bumble and Bumble’s Summer Style: Make Waves Set has everything you need to achieve those gorgeous beachy waves we all try to recreate.  The Surf Styling Leave In product provides moisture, softness, and UV protection while the Surf Spray adds a matte, gritty texture.  The perfect duo for creating gorgeous summer waves.

Weightless Hydration Spray

Sitting out in the sun not only dehydrates our skin, it also dries out our hair.  Help add moisture back into your hair and give it a natural silky smooth shine by using this weightless hydration spray that is supercharged with nutrient rich electrolytes that transforms dry hair into silky smooth goddess-like hair.  Bonus, it’s coconut water scented.

I’m a little obsessed with the OGX coconut oil spray

Salty Waves Texture Spray

Want to achieve surfer girl hair without ever stepping foot into the ocean?  Now you can with Pacifica’s Salty Waves Texture Spray . This spray is great for any hair type just spray on wet hair and let air dry or blow out on your own and enjoy the waves. 

Summer Style Air Dry Set

A great option to let your hair dry naturally is by using this trio Summer Air Dry Set by Bumble and Bumble. This trio comes with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and bumble and bumbles ‘don’t blow it’ hair cream.  Great to use after a day in the sun. 

Beach Waves Sugar Spray

An awesome product to create beach waves is with Pureology’s Style + Protect Beach Waves Sugar Spray. The key ingredient in this product that leaves you with gorgeous beach waves is sugar cane.  Who knew sugar cane could create such effortlessly beautiful beach waves?

Beachy Waves Spray Collection

If you’re not sold on a single beach wave product try this Beach Waves Spray Collection from Sephora that includes fan favorites.  My favorite Ouai Haircare wave spray, but all the options in this set are really great.  I definitely recommend trying this set out before taking the plunge and buying one single item. 

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I ride or die for the products I recommend which means I’d never suggest something I don’t personally love.

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