The Best Handbags and Carry-on Bags for Travel

As a feminine female who likes options when I travel, I’ve always been a habitual over-packer, I admit it, I own it, it is me. And when it comes to packing for travel? I love all of the bags. The best part about a good bag is that it can completely change an outfit and when the bag is crafted with travel in mind – it can even have multi-purposes. From handbags to camera bags that look like handbags to carry-on totes that fold down to take up virtually no space to large purse bags to the ‘perfect backpack’ bag and every bag in between these are hands down the best purses and carry-on bags for your travels.

The Best Carry-On Bags for Travel:

When it comes to a carry-on bag I look for a few things – lightweight, collapsible and especially multiple straps (because a bag with just top handles and no shoulder strap is slow and painful torture in an airport). Through trial and error these are my favorite carry-on bags for travel:

Lo & Sons Catalina: Lo & Son’s website describes the Catalina as “perfect for short getaways” and they are spot on! With a bottom pocket specifically to keep your shoes, toiletries or laundry and heaps of side-pockets for convenience, the Catalina can easily become your favorite, most convenient weekender. Bonus? It’s made from pre-washed organic cotton and comes in heaps of cute colors!

Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Travel Bag: This became one of my favorite travel carry-on’s after I shopped a little too hard in France while cruising the Rhine River with U by Uniworld on the World’s First Ever Millennial Cruise. I opted to invest in a Longchamp bag because I know that the nylon bag is not only durable but can fold down to something about the size of a wallet. This particular Longchamp not only can fold down to toss in a check-in in case you decide to shop a lot  but it also can be expanded – nearly doubling the packable space on the inside meaning you can pack it up to travel with, arrive at your destination, shop a little, and then expand the bag to give you more room on the trip back.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull: I wrapped up all the reasons I love my Neverfull for travel in, Why the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the Best ‘Personal Item Carryon – Ever but I still felt that I needed to place the Neverfull on this list. While it can easily be a purse that you carry on and place under your feet – it’s also large enough, with enough capacity, that it can be your carry-on for the overhead bin.

My Neverfull sitting nicely poolside in Mexico!

The Best Day Bags for Travel:

There are heaps of handbags on the market that can make your travels a breeze. Think: compartmentalized, stylish, light-weight. An easy transition from day to night is also important because when traveling you need your pieces to serve multi-functions.

Kate Spade Small Leather Cross-Body: A good crossbody is a necessity when traveling and what I love most about this bag is the exterior zip pocket that is right in the outside flap. I find this to be the perfect pocket for my passport, extra cash or credit cards because it’s virtually untouchable to pick-pockets.

Anti-Theft Cross-Body: For those who might be a little more than a little worried about pickpockets and theft – this is the perfect bag. While it may not be the most stylish it’s hardly ugly and comes in heaps of colors. Made from an anti-slash material, with heaps of hidden pockets and even a space on the outside to stash a water-bottle, this is a perfect day bag for travel.

Jetsetter Belt Bag: The once bottom of the barrel fanny pack has made a trendy come-back as the season’s most coveted “belt bag” and I’m not mad at it, at all. This particular belt bag was made with a traveler in mind! Made with durable water-resistant nylon with an adjustable and detachable strap, back and front pockets, and a zippered closure – and the added feature, of course, is that it’s a hands free bag!

The Most Stylish Camera Bags for Travel:

Everyone wants to get great, Instagram worthy photos while they’re traveling but virtually no one wants to actually look like a tourist while taking their photos. There’s a new trend of stylish camera bags that is around to stay and I am so here for them all.

Gatta Bag: The dream team behind Gatta Bag recognized the need for stylish, affordable and accessible camera bags and are working hard to supply trendy travelers around the world with some of the chic-est camera bags you’ll ever see. I currently own (and love) three Gatta Bag’s – The Limited Edition Camille, The Lola Meil and the since discontinued Chloe Moonstone. My love for my Gatta Bag’s actually placed them on my 17 Items You Need for Travel List!

One of my favorite features of the Gatta Bags? The interior! The interior is made from a soft felt-like material that adds a bit of a cushion for your precious cargo (camera and lenses are fragile!). The best part of the interior liner? The adjustable divider sticks flawlessly to the interior meaning where you put the divider – the divider stays.

I mean, c’mon, would you ever guess that this is a CAMERA BAG?!

The Most Stylish Backpack Bags for Travel:

As much as I hate to admit it – a backpack is a necessity for travel. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not talking about the backpacker’s backpack (I will never be the girl who can carry her whole life on her back). I’m talking about a stylish, easy to sightsee with, easy to travel with, backpack.

Azaria La Mère Backpack: Another item from my 17 Items You Need for Travel List! This bag was originally created as a diaper bag for the mom-on-the-go but it quickly became one of my favorite bags to travel with as my computer, cameras, drone, cosmetics bag and then some all fit into it flawlessly. You can even watch me place #AllTheThings into my La Mere backpack on my YouTube video: Jackie’s Must Haves for Travel.

Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack: This is hands down one of my favorite bags for travel because not only is it a backpack – it’s also a top handle tote and a crossbody! This backpack was totally made with a chic-traveler in mind (and the name “Jetsetter” definitely might tip that off). Every season Henri Bendel debuts the bag in new hues and they even have multiple fabrics! You can acquire the Jetsetter Backpack in nylon, tweed or even leather.

Sporting my Azaria Backpack while exploring outside of Melbourne, Australia.

From the stylish traveler to the space-conscious traveler – this list of the best bags for travel can help nearly anyone who’s looking to step up their bag game while traveling!

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