Seven Reasons to Book your Spontaneous Getaway with Hotel Tonight

I’ve been using the Hotel Tonight app for about two years now and have seen some serious savings (and, also, some dope room upgrades). But it wasn’t until a recent sporadic trip to Montauk that I realized how beneficial the Hotel Tonight app really is. From the properties to the savings – there are heaps of reasons to book with the Hotel Tonight app, especially if you’re planning a spontaneous vacation.

It’s no secret that I love to travel. Its why you’re here, reading this now. But, I also love where I grew up in New York and after injuring my back in March I decided to take a few months off from traveling. It wasn’t long before my herniated disc started to heal and the travel bug started to itch. Although I had a few trips planned for early fall – I was ready to explore somewhere right then, in mid-August. Enter: my friends at Hotel Tonight to save me money the day.

I used Hotel Tonight a last-minute getaway to Montauk which is about a two-hour drive east from where I live on long island. If you’re unfamiliar with Montauk, it’s basically the hipstery hamlet of the Hamptons.

I booked two nights with The Surf Lodge, a trendy, super-instagrammable, property on the water known for their free concert series, Surf Deck restaurant and night-scene. As I’m not really into the whole night-scene thing I opted to head to Montauk on a Monday-Wednesday and was so happy with my trip! I had the relaxing, east-end Long Island getaway I was looking for.

Could my hotel have been any cuter?! I even had an egg chair and a hammock right in my hotel room.

Thanks to Hotel Tonight – I was also able to rest easy knowing that I saved heaps while also earning towards future bookings.  If you’re looking to book a last-minute getaway – here are seven reasons to use Hotel Tonight.

Huge Savings

I essentially have to list this first because ‘cash is king’. On the Hotel Tonight app, the comparison price is drafted by finding the lowest rate listed on major booking websites, so they’re essentially doing the work for you, and showing you how they can still save you money.

How you sit in your hotel lobby knowing you saved a bunch on your booking with Hotel Tonight.

Super User-Friendly

This might seem not all that important but trust me, it is. The Hotel Tonight app is just simple. Everything from the search dates to the pricing to especially the policies is straight-forward and provides an overall pleasant user experience.

Hotel Categories

The way Hotel Tonight breaks down the different types of hotels is also a no BS, straight-forward (and also pretty cool) feature. I’m typically a “luxe” or “hip” traveler but sometimes we’re all a little “basic” and who doesn’t need an occasional “crashpad”?

HT Deals

On the streets (and by that, I mean, on Twitter) Hotel Tonight would be known as “the plug”. They get these really awesome deals that you can’t necessarily find on other booking sites. And since they have some type of special relationship with the properties on the app – sometimes I’m even given upgrades when checking in – something that never has happened when using another third party booking site.

This HT Deal was nearly 50% off!

GEO Rates

Also known as ‘same day deals’, geo rates are special and limited time offers. An additional savings on top of the already discounted rate. These offers may not necessarily be available to all users. So, if you see it – snag it!

The geo-rate on the left even showed a savings of over 50% and $500!

Dope Properties

The people behind Hotel Tonight pride themselves on quality over quantity. So, they do their research when working with hotels to ensure we, as the user, get the best of the best when booking. Hotel Tonight is even willing to “fire hotels” if they feel they’ve fallen off and no longer meet their standards.

HT Perks

When you first book with Hotel Tonight you begin to earn credit on future bookings, which means down the line = extra savings. There are different levels (one through nine+) of HT Perks and when you create your account, you start at level one – where you’ll be granted access to occasional geo rates. After you’ve spent $250 you unlock HT Perks discounts by graduating to level two and save an extra 5% off the already low rates. Level three is obtained after spending $1,000 on the app and unlock 2x HT perks – which is an additional 10% off. Level four, after you’ve spent $2,000 elevates you to an extra 15% savings as well as grants access to HT Pros, Hotel Tonight’s in-app concierge. The perks and bonuses go up from there!

All in all – I’d bet my money on Hotel Tonight is the best place to book your spontaneous trip. And if you want to plan a little bit for your ‘spontaneous getaway’ you can also book up to 100 days in advance. If you’re ready to start saving while staying – you can click here to download Hotel Tonight on your iOS or Android device and save $25 off your first booking of $135 USD or more!

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Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Hotel Tonight. My opinions, as always, remain my own.

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