Cuban Cuisine Meets Luxury Hotel at Caña in Brickell, Miami

I was recently hosted at The Hyatt Centric in Brickell, Miami (you can read my full property review here) and was blown away when I was dining at their Cuban inspired, on-site restaurant, Caña. Inspired by the flavors, colors, and culture of Old Havana – the chefs at Caña dazzled my tastebuds with some of the best “hotel food” I’ve had in my life! 

Caña restaurant
My first meal at Caña: Chicharrón de Viento, fried dehydrated pork rinds (center), Lechon Asado, slow roasted pork shoulder served with rice and beans (top left), and Pescado a la Plancha, grilled fish with a side salad (bottom) and a side of yuca fries.

Simply reading the restaurant menu at Caña I knew that Caña at Hyatt Centric Brickell was something special. Typically, hotels have very similar options and not seeing, “turkey club” or “personal pizza” on the menu was a delight. After enjoying my first meal (pictured above) and savoring in the flavors – I was convinced that Caña had upped the bar for hotel cuisine. The pescado a la plancha (grilled fish) literally melted in my mouth and the side salad, topped with a half of an avocado and a light, refreshing dressing took the term “side salad” and stepped it ALL THE WAY UP. We drizzled some lemon juice on the chicharrón and loved the ‘snap and crackle’ sound that even enticed our sense of sound, on top of our taste, sight and smell which were already elated. 

Breakfast at Caña

Breakfast at Caña is a flavor explosion! Fresh fruit (top left), Tostada Francesa (French toast, top right), Tostada de Salmon Ahumado (smoked salmon on sourdough toast, bottom) and roasted, herbed potatoes (middle left).

I’m, typically, not the biggest breakfast person. I love a good cup of coffee (which I’ll get to later!). But, when I travel – I always try the breakfast at least once. The breakfast at Caña was so good that I came back for breakfast *twice*! I loved the Tostada de Salmon Ahumado (sourdough toast topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers, red onions and fresh herbs) and had to go in for a second bite of my friends Tostada Francesa (French toast topped with seasonal berries, guava sauce, ricotta, and maple syrup). 

The fresh fruit bowls vary day by day based off of what’s in season (the fruit variation changing day by day is indicative of how fresh the options at Caña are) and the chefs at Caña also top the fruit with mint leaves – so I opted for fruit daily! If you’re a fan of eggs benedict, you have to try the Huevos Benedictos a lo Cubano, a cuban twist on eggs benedict. A perfectly poached egg was sat on top of porchetta (a roasted pork) and topped with Caña’s secret “Havana hollandaise” sauce. Instead of the typical English-muffin eggs benedict is served on, Caña chefs make an herbed biscuit and even char grill it for added flavor. 

Coffee at Caña

A Cuban colada, a sweetened espresso originated in Cuba, at Caña.

As I mentioned before, typically I opt for a strong coffee in the morning and skip breakfast. As a big fan of espresso, I’m often disappointed when I check out a hotels coffee menu as it’s common that a strong espresso isn’t on the menu. At Caña, however, coffee lovers can rejoice! Being that Cuban culture has a love for espresso: there are heaps of options for coffee at Caña. I indulged in all the coffee from a black double espresso to a Cuban Colada (pictured above) to even a “Yajaira Cappuccino” (named after the Director of Sales and Marketing who, like me, loves a strong coffee).

The Yajaira special that I had delivered to my room and enjoyed on my balcony.

Lunch and Dinner

The “All Day” menu at Caña is served from 11a-8p and can be enjoyed on site (in the restaurant), delivered to your room or delivered poolside! Many of the options such as the Pulpo con Mofongo de Yuca (grilled octopus served on a yuca mofongo, above left), Camarones al Ajillo (grilled garlic shrimp, above middle) and Ceviche de Pescado (fresh fish ceviche, above right) are perfect for lunch as they’re all filling, yet not heavy, and super fresh. The flavor medleys in all of the above dishes were beyond what you might expect when dining in a hotel’s on-site restaurant. The attention to the flavor profiles was truly special – even down to the pickled flavor of the peppers in the ceviche.

You can’t go wrong with a pool-side cuban sandwich!

Safety Protocols

Guests are able to take their mask off after sitting down at the dining table. Hand sanitizer is placed on tables after guests are seated.

Given that we’re still amidst a pandemic, the staff at Caña have added a few extra protocols and precautions to ensure the safety of both guests and staff. There is a hygiene manager on property who oversees all operations and standards and every staff member wears a mask at all times. Masks are required when moving around the restaurant and can only be removed when sitting/dining. There are hand sanitizing stations in the elevators and upon entering the restaurant, as well. Menus are currently single use or can be viewed online after scanning a QR code with your phone. In addition, a hand sanitizer is placed on the table upon sitting.

Last but Not Least

While the cuisine steals the show I feel that I would be doing Caña an injustice if I didn’t speak to the decor and overall vibe of the restaurant. Pre-covid, Caña would host live bands, salsa lessons and cigar rollers to truly capture the Latin experience! While those services are suspended for now, the decor and art caters to the experience in the interim. From bright, vibrant murals and wall accents to the colorful floor tiles that cater to the feel of Old Havana. All in all, from the vivid colors in the restaurant to the seasoning and flavors of the cuisine: Caña is a dining experience that can’t be missed when visiting Miami!

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