The Gifts Every Traveler Needs This Holiday Season

Rosetta Stone Membership

When traveling, it’s awesome to have easy access to translating and it’s also good to freshen up on some key phrases before heading to a new place. Easily accessible on a tablet or smartphone – a Rosetta Stone membership is the perfect gift to give a traveler this holiday season.

VPN Subscription

A VPN is a “virtual private network” and it helps you to create a secure internet connection while connected to public WiFi. Not only does it help to secure your internet, but it can also “drop” your computer into a different location. For example, when I’m abroad in Europe or Asia, I can connect my VPN and website servers appear to be in the united states meaning I can access my banks and streaming services with no issues.

Compression Socks

Compression socks increase circulation while reducing swelling and preventing blood clots; making compression socks a great gift for travelers, especially those who are traveling long term. There’s even compression socks with fun prints to keep your compressing fun.

Portable Charger

This is also on my 17 Items You Need for Travel list as I find that in todays age – a charge on the go is a necessity. The great part about portable chargers now are that you can acquire one like this cute and trendy Kate Spade one, or a portable charger like this one with the cord built right into the device – eliminating the need to carry around a charging cord. For very busy travelers I suggest looking into a portable charger like this one which is big and has enough juice to charge up your device at least twice.


E-readers have seriously developed in the last few years. With no screen glare (even in sunlight!) a battery charge that can last weeks, and only 7.7oz of weight the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect e-reader for the traveler on your list.

Passport/Document Organizer

Organization is key for anyone who’s traveling! At under $15 – this passport and document organizer is the ideal stocking stuffer for any traveler. That particular passport organizer is so chic it also made the cut for my Stylish Traveler Gift Guide!


The GoPro technology has advanced so far that a GoPro can even replace the need for a large DSLR or mirrorless. The new GoPro Hero 7 is insane and this accessory bundle is a great gift and comes with everything any traveler would need need to jump right into using their GoPro.


On the topic of cameras – a drone is a definite “must give” gift for travelers. While on the pricey side, the views that you can capture take travels to a whole different level. The new Mavic 2 Pro with adjustable aperture is in-sane.

Wireless Headphones

Any traveler is going to need to have as much convenience as possible and nothing is more inconvenienced as cords on a headphone? Help the traveler on your gift list answer calls and listen to music at the airport with ease with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. These Bluetooth earbuds are very similar to the compact Apple AirPods at a fraction of the price or you can go with these noise cancelling larger Bluetooth headphones.

All Birds Face Mask

Not only do I love the All Birds Wool Runners  (they made a cameo on my Stylish Traveler Gift Guidebut the All Birds “bird mask” is the cutest little eye mask to cancel out the light and catch a snooze; perfect for long flights, hotel rooms and more.

Packing Cubes

I can not live without packing cubes and any traveler currently neglecting to use them is seriously missing out. This packing cube set is the perfect gift to give any traveler on your list and is even one of favorite 17 Items you Need for Travel.

 Ancestry DNA Kit

As the only test that can provide the details of the migration stories of your ancestors and a subscription service that features a collection of 10 billion (yes, billion!) historical records including census, voter, military, immigration, travel, marriage, birth and death records – Ancestry makes the opportunity to explore your family history seamless. Give the gift of a deeper family history with Ancestry this year.

Dry Shampoo

Perfect for freshening up without doing a full on wash of your hair – this dry shampoo travel pack also made the cut for my Beauty Obsessed Travelers Gift Guide because it is such a necessity when traveling long term!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, should you make a purchase. I ride or die for the products I recommend which means I’d never suggest something I don’t personally love.

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