17 Items You Need for Travel

Typically, the things we need for travel – aren’t the things we think we need for travel. After a few long-term trips, there have been some things I’ve traveled with that have made my life easier. The following items are things that I can’t travel without anymore!

You can also *watch* my suggestions on my latest YouTube video that highlights the best of this list, in video format!

Proper Headphones

Let’s face it, earbuds suck. I know many people won’t think of headphones as a “must need for travel” item. However, having a proper set of headphones that go over both of my ears – as opposed to being inserted into my ear like an earbud help me to cancel out the noise on a plane which is great for long-term travel.

Azaria Backpack

Originally designed for the modern mother, I’ve adapted this backpack to be my go-to for traveling. It has the best organization options built right into the bag and can fit way more than you’d expect from a bag that isn’t huge. Made from high-quality vegan leather this bag is lightweight and It can also be converted into a shoulder bag making it perfect for traveling!

Me and my Azaria Backpack at William Ricketts Sanctuary in Melbourne, Australia.

Ginger Candy

This should be on everyone’s list of items needed for travel! Ginger has heaps of benefits from reducing inflammation to fighting bacteria which makes it a travel necessity. Anytime you feel some type of cold or flu coming on you can dose up with some ginger or alternatively you can use it as a preventative measure to boost your immunity before a flight or other transport. Interested in trying some ginger candy for your next trip? You can purchase my favorite ginger candy here.

Hand Sanitizer

I know, I know, “obvious” again. But did you know there really are people that don’t travel with hand sanitizer?! One of the first things I do when I get on a plane is to take a napkin and hand sanitizer and clean the tray table and you wouldn’t believe how gross the napkin turns. Every. Single. Time. I also go ahead and clean the seat and armrests while I’m at it, too.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used for heaps of reasons. From topical uses to aromatherapy – each reason can definitely improve your travels. I, typically, travel with tea tree oil (which can be used as a sanitizer, natural deodorant, or insect repellant – amongst other things!) and lavender oil which I use as aromatherapy for sleep. You can research essential oils to find out which would amplify your travels best!

Blanket Scarf

I can’t get on a plane – even a short-term domestic flight, without a blanket scarf. Blanket scarves, or travel scarves, can be used for cozying up on a chilly flight to putting it over your head to block out light to even snuggling with your blanket scarf at your destination. I have heaps of blanket scarves but recently fell in love with the “travel wrap” which you can purchase here.


Ever since I started traveling internationally more full-time, I’ve needed to be connected while abroad. Enter – Skyroam. Skyroam provides an affordable Wi-Fi option for your devices in over 100 countries around the world! The latest Skyroam device is the Solis and pprovides4G LTE signals wi-fi for up to five devices at once. You can learn more about Skyroam here and you can use my discount code, “getlostwithjackie” for 10% off a Solis of your own!

My Skyroam Solis in Acapulco, Mexico.

Portable Chargers

I know this might scream *obvious* to some people but many don’t travel with portable chargers! I travel with a few portable chargers (a. because I have a lot of devices and b. because you never know when you’ll need more than one!). My favorite one is a tiny one from Kate Spade that has enough juice in it to give me about a 50% charge and the best part? The cord is built right in! You can buy your own chic Kate Spade charger here.

Stylish Camera Bags

Honestly, it’s 2018.. if you’re still walking around with a giant camera bag that advertises your camera brand on it – you almost deserve to get robbed (kidding!). Camera bags have come so far in the last few years but one of my favorite new trends is stylish camera bags. Companies like Gatta Bag are starting to cater to photographers with gorgeous bags that look like an everyday purse but inside are compartmentalized for all shapes and forms of cameras and their necessary equipment/lenses.

Here I am in Positano, Italy with a camera bag by Gatta – would you ever guess that this chic bag is a CAMERA bag?!

GoPro Hero 6 Black

I’ve been a fan of Go Pro since my brother introduced me to them after they first launched. The growth of Go Pro has been massive and their cameras have gotten doper and doper as the years go on with awesome upgrades and new features. The latest GoPro is the Hero 6 and I have the black edition. The GoPro Hero 6 Black is so cool. The GoPro’s of today no longer need a waterproof case to get wet, they simply go underwater (I know, how cool!). There’s also a great LCD touch-screen that makes it super easy to change the settings and such. You can even talk to your GoPro now. If you tell it, “Go Pro, take a picture”, it will! If I haven’t sold you on GoPro Hero 6 yet, you can check out all the specs here.

American Tourister Moonlight Case

There’s no denying the love for rose gold and white marble amongst millennials and American Tourister changed the game when they launched their “moonlight” line. This line of hard case luggage comes in a sleek rose gold color or a gorgeous white marble pattern which not only make it easy to spot on the baggage claim belt – but also have you traveling in style. If you, like me, heard “rose gold suitcase” and immediately needed one in your life – you can buy your own here!

Quip Toothbrush

Quip is a fairly new toothbrush company that was founded to “align with dentist advice an put what is best for your teeth before all else”. What’s great about Quip is that they make a promise to reduce environmental impact, which when it comes to toothbrushes is something a lot of people don’t think about. Imagine how many plastic toothbrushes are in garbage and landfills around the world right now. The Quip toothbrush comes with a removable/replaceable toothbrush head that can be replaced every few months, reducing the waste of toothbrushes. There’s also a great case that makes it awesome for travel. The super-affordable costs don’t hurt – either!

Reusable Glass Bottle

The plastic problem on earth is real. As an avid traveler, my carbon footprint is deeper than most so I try to reduce and reuse whenever possible (at home or abroad) and one huge way you can do this is by taking a reusable glass bottle with you on your next trip. Think of how many plastic water bottles you go through when traveling – imagine eliminating all of that waste with one simple reusable bottle. If you’re worried about carrying a glass bottle with you on your travels you can also look into a stainless-steel option!  

Packing Cubes

If you haven’t heard about packing cubes yet, I’m not sure what rock you’re hiding under, but this addition is for you! Packing cubes are little travel lifesavers that came to help even the most unorganized travelers in existence. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials and are made to be filled with your clothes during trips to help keep you organized. They totally work as they should and I’m honestly not sure how I ever traveled without them. I highly suggest looking for cubes that come with a mesh top so you can see what’s inside of the cube without even opening it.

Protein Bars

Sometimes when you travel it’s difficult to come by healthy or nourishing options and other times it’s difficult to come by food, at all. Have you ever been in Italy during the afternoon and wanted to grab a bite to eat but couldn’t because everything is closed down? Moments like those are why I always travel with protein bars. Lately, I’ve been swooning over GoMacro bars which are all organic options that are also all delicious.  

Coconut Oil

My good ol’ friend coconut oil has been traveling with me for a few years now. Coconut oil has heaps of benefits and uses which make it a great addition to your toiletry bag. From toothpaste to tanning oil to moisturizer and makeup remover – the list of uses for coconut oil go on and on. I like to travel with a small container of coconut oil as I insist on my coconut oil being in a glass jar which can get heavy. You can check out the carry-on approved 2oz jar I travel with here.

Away Carry-On

Away is a fairly new brand when it comes to luggage but they’re doing some serious carving of their name into the travel world. Their cases come with warranties for life and are made of a scratch resistant material which keep it clean as you travel. I can’t vouch for the larger cases but I’ve had the carry-on case for a few months now and outside of the handle becoming a little wobbly I have zero complaints! The away case is even the infamous “suitcase with a charger” which has definitely changed the game for travel.

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  1. Natalia says:

    Completely agree with the essential oils!

  2. Amy Alton says:

    Totally agree about ginger! I prefer the crystallized ginger, especially from I think it’s called The Ginger People. So good!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      My favorite brand is the ginger people! I haven’t tried their crystallized ginger – I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Carly says:

    I got scolded once at US customs for not declaring the two protein bars I had in my bag. Ever since then, I’ve been super-clear about all the food in my bag, and every customs agent since has basically rolled their eyes and said, “Why are you telling me all of this?” I still feel a little nervous every time I throw a protein bar in my pack, though!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      So funny I always feel a little nervous, too! The rules aren’t descriptive enough lol

  4. I’ve finally started using packing cubes and they are the best thing since pre check and global entry. Lol. But Skyroam? I’m definitely going to have to look into that!

  5. Jayne says:

    I have many of these items and totally agree with your choices. Have never heard of Skyroam though and that sounds awesome. Thanks for the discount code 😀

  6. Love this article! I am a regular traveller and these tips are very helpful to me. Making sure that you carry the essential Oils with you is a great tip and can help with wellness and healing. Thanks a lot for sharing the great article.

  7. Polina Kazi says:

    Hi Jackie! You have shared everything that a traveller need in their journey. thanks for sharing this informative travel hacks with us.

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