Keeping Your Pre Hump Day Productivity: Post Hump

Ahhh, Wednesday. Also known as “hump day”. (And also the only day with an official mascot, *insert camel emoji*). Wednesday is undoubtedly the most neutral day of the week. There have been countless studies that prove that Mondays and Tuesdays are the two most productive days of the week. When Wednesday rolls around the momentum slows up a bit and by Thursday most people can only think of Friday – and Friday is basically just a day where people plan their weekend.

Keeping Your Pre Hump Day Productivity: Post Hump

Why is it that most people ‘waste’ the rest of the week? If you started off on a great, productive path; why stop? Here’s some tips to keep your pre-hump day momentum up, post hump-day:

To – Do Lists.

I have always been an avid fan of to do lists. From work, to cleaning to errands I have a general theory ‘if you write it down, it will be accomplished’. I’m not sure if it is the simple satisfaction gained from crossing “CALL THE IRS” or “CLEAN THE BATHROOM FLOOR” off of the list or if seeing is believing but to-do lists just work. Period.

I, typically, have a monthly, weekly, and daily to do list. Creating your list of tasks for the month helps you delegate them across the weeks which eventually lead to your every day to-do list. Add things on your daily to-do list that you know you’re going to accomplish (grocery shopping, do laundry, etc). The satisfaction of a completely crossed out list will make your soul sing show-tunes.

Don’t Drown in Emails.

Now, before I continue, yes I am fully aware that some emails require immediate response and attention. That being said, stop checking your emails 100x times a day. Set aside one, or two (or three; depending on your email work-load) times a day where you open your email inbox and attack what’s inside.

Stopping a task to immediately attend to an email interrupts the task you were working on prior, derails your train of thought and essentially makes you start all over again. Step away from the email inbox, complete your work, go back to it later.


If you’re not already someone who practices the art of meditation, that’s fine. Take a few moments out of the day to sit or lay somewhere where you won’t be interrupted and focus on your breathing. Inhale big, deep breaths through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth.

Meditation is fundamentally the art of self control. If you can conquer your thoughts and improve your self-awareness you can most definitely become a little more productive throughout the rest of the week.

Ditch The Negativity.

There’s a semi-famous quote that goes something like, “watch the thoughts you think, they become your actions, watch your actions they become your lifestyle”. That’s not exactly how it goes however, #TRUE. Cultivating negative thoughts only gives negativity the space to grow in your mind. If all you can think is that, “ugh this sucks the week is only halfway over”, I’m pretty sure the rest of your week is going to suck. But, for someone thinking, “this is awesome, I still have a few days to make this the best week of my life”, may very well have the best week of their life.

Stop and Smell the Flowers.

Learning to appreciate the little things is a huge part of productivity and also ties in with ditching that negative-Neal attitude. (I always felt bad for “Nancy” whoever she is, and don’t necessarily agree with ‘Negative Nancy’ and ‘Debbie Downer’ both being women so, Negative Neal and Daniel Downer it is).

Gratitude and acknowledgement of what you have, what you’ve accomplished and how much more you have than the average human can bring you back down to earth. Yes, it may “suck” that you have two more days at work, but at least you have a job.

I have this saying, “worst case scenario, someone punches you in the face” and it can really be applied to just about everything. Nothing is worse than a punch to the face so if there’s no threat of a broken nose, use it to stop and smell the flowers.

(Side-note: I also find flowers to personally aid in productivity, I always have a vase of flowers where I do most of my work. Find something small that’s equally gratifying for you and utilize it to help you be more productive).

Keeping Your Pre Hump Day Productivity: Post Hump































Keeping Your Pre Hump Day Productivity: Post Hump

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