Looking Photoshoot Fresh – Straight off of an Airplane

Looking Photoshoot Fresh - Straight off of an Airplane

Long haul flights are no piece of cake – and stepping off of a long flight looking as if you just stepped out of the salon is a tough cookie to crumble, in itself. (Excuse the dessert references, I just love sweet treats.) However, with my tips and advice you might not necessarily be red carpet ready Beyonce but you will definitely be I Woke Up Like Dis Beyonce when you step off of your flight.

Before The Flight:

Book overnight flights and plan to sleep:

Not only does taking an overnight flight combat jet-lag but it can also help you step off of the plane not only looking but feeling refreshed. For example, on my upcoming trip to Europe I depart New York at 11:59pm and arrive in Paris seven hours later at 1:00pm local time. I’m not sure about you but I can function pretty well on six hours of sleep so I plan to sleep the majority of the flight – waking up feeling at least somewhat refreshed – from what my body will feel was a fairly decent nights sleep. I use an eye-mask and headphones to help ensure I won’t be awoken by any sounds or lights near me while I try to sleep.

Plan Your Post-Flight Outfit (+Accessories!):

Having a fresh change of clothes for post-flight in your carryon can always help you not only feel better but also look better when arriving in a new destination. (It can also help you if your checked bag doesn’t arrive to your destination when you do.) Plan a simple outfit – and don’t forget to include accessories! Sunglasses, scarves, necklaces, rings and other accessories are a fun way to not only spice up your outfit but the small details will help you feel and look more put together.

Don’t wear makeup (Gasp! The Horror):

I happen to be very low maintenance when it comes to the makeup department, anyway, so skipping the step of putting makeup on before I go to the airport is actually a bonus for me. For those who prefer to arrive to the airport already ‘photoshoot fresh’ – no worries – just bring along some makeup removing wipes in your carry-on to wash the makeup off before you get ready to sleep. You should also pack your makeup essentials (as well as eye-drops, deodorant and a roll-on or small spray perfume) in your carry-on, as you’ll need them after the flight.


Lathering on layers of facial cream is one of the main reasons why I skip wearing makeup to the airport altogether. In my experience a clean face absorbs moisturizer a bit better – and I need all the moisturizing I can get. My skin tends to be dry to begin with and it gets really dry on airplanes (most people seem to relate) so I ensure my face is absorbing the most moisturizer as possible. I skip makeup and go with a good, heavy serving of moisturizer instead.

During The Flight:


Am I repeating myself? Well, yes, but, no. Repeating the moisturizing will really ensure that you’re preparing your skin to be photoshoot fresh when you step off of your flight.

Stay Hydrated:

It might be difficult if you plan to sleep the entire flight but try to get as much water in as possible. Staying hydrated on the inside is just as important (if not, well – definitely, more important) as staying hydrated on the outside.

After The Flight:

Find a Restroom:

The first thing I do after I disembark a plane is find a bathroom. The article title may have been a bit deceiving – I apologize, if you wish to physically step off of the flight looking photoshoot fresh feel free to do the next steps on the plane. But strongly feel that if I tried to “refresh” on an airplane bathroom that’s been used, continuously, on a long haul flight – I might come out dirtier than I went in.

Freshen Up:

After I locate an airport bathroom I first change my clothes which instantly makes me feel better. After that I wash my face, brush my teeth and use my eyedrops – aiding in physical refreshment. I then apply some mascara, concealer and a little bit of bronzer which makes my face brighter. (You can adapt this step to whatever makeup routine you may have.) I then put on my accessories for the day – making me look as fresh as I feel.

You may not get the best nights sleep and you may not have had the chance to shower but with my tips hopefully you can step out of an airport restroom after your next long flight with an I Woke Up Like This confidence pep in your step.

Looking Photoshoot Fresh - Straight off of an Airplane


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8 responses to “Looking Photoshoot Fresh – Straight off of an Airplane”

  1. Love this and you crack me up with the part about leaving the bathroom and being even dirtier! LOL. I agree with the no makeup and moisturizing. I slather it on and take a sleeping pill. The change of outfit in the carry on is KEY! I remember once having my checked bag lost for days and I’m stuck with same underwear for how many hours (oh the horror)!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      OMG having a lost checked bag is my worst fear! especially for that long of a time. And aren’t plane bathrooms just gross? lol

  2. These are wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing. I absolutely hate how I feel after a long flight, I never thought about changing my clothes or not wearing make up on the plane.

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I feel so gross after plane rides so changing is always my first order of business post flight lol

  3. Kirsten says:

    Good tips! I definitely second the moisturizer and drinking lots of water.

  4. Lo Rena says:

    Definitely a big help! I traveled on a weekend at times, and as much as I would like to get a good picture, I don’t look my best. Moisturizer!

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