Why the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the Best “Personal Item” Carryon – Ever

If you’re unfamiliar with Louis Vuitton and their products, allow me to introduce you to the largest capacity purse ever invented (aside from Mary Poppins’ purse, of course) – The Louis Vuitton Neverfull. This purse is aptly named and thus The Louis Vuitton Neverfull truly is the best personal item to carry-on a plane.

The Neverfull comes in a series of sizes: small (or the Neverfull PM), medium (or the Neverfull MM) or large (and my personal favorite – the Neverfull GM). The Neverfull also comes in a series of different materials or styles… you can view the entire breakdown of sizes, styles and pricing right here on the Louis Vuitton website.

Now, I happen to be a huge fan of Louis Vuitton products, in general, but the Neverfull GM has changed my life for traveling. It is large enough to carry my MacBook Pro, an iPad, My Lo & Sons camera bag (which is full containing an Olympus mirrorless camera and two additional lenses), a smaller bag complete with two Go-Pros, a Polaroid instant camera, all the chargers, a makeup bag, a change of clothes, my large wallet, my Day Designer planner, two one subject notebooks, two iPhones and a pencil case – all with space to spare.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Get Lost With JackieOn a one week trip to France with a few days in Belgium, I was able to pack everything I needed into a carryon size luggage that was placed in the overhead airplane bin and my trusty Neverfull (which also fits perfectly atop any luggage) went below the seat in front of me.

So, why do I firmly believe that the Neverfull is the best carryon purse a woman could own?

1. The Neverfull really is never full.
The best part of all the above listed fitting into my Neverfull – it still has room for more.

2. The Neverfull is sturdy AF.
I was recently asked by a Neverfull newbie, “how much can you fit in there?” She was shocked when I let her hold my bag to feel how heavy it was. She explained that she was nervous to place a bunch of bulky/heavy items into her new expensive purse and I countered that with, “I’ve had this bag for seven years and it’s almost always this full”. The Nerfull is meant to be jam packed with ‘stuff’.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Get Lost With JackieHere’s my Neverfull on a beautiful beach in Jamaica. That day I had my Neverfull jam-packed with my computer, a notebook, a book to read as well as a towel, a bathing suit cover-up and a makeup bag full of tanning oils and sunscreens.

3. The Neverfull is versatile and can shrink!
What’s even better about this huge bag that holds almost everything in the world – it’s also extremely versatile and can be folded into a flat bag that takes up virtually no space in the bottom of a suitcase. I like to use this option when traveling someplace that I know I’m going to shop in. For example, when I headed to Bali – I brought a backpack as my carryon and had the Neverfull folded and tucked nicely into my backpack. However, on the way home – my Louis Vuitton Neverfull was full, heavy and tucked nicely under the airplane seat in front of me as my “personal item” on the plane.

4. The Neverfull also comes with lifetime support.
I know, I know… What the hell does that even mean? Each piece Louis Vuitton crafts comes with its own unique identity code. That code and the item it correlates to is added into your customer database. Should you ever run into an issue with any of your Louis Vuitton pieces (be it a loose thread, or a tear in the leather), your piece will receive class A service where it’s shipped off to Europe to be fixed.

While some argue that the cost that comes with a Louis Vuitton purchase is too expensive – I’ll argue that the $20 (*cough cough* piece of crap) purse that you acquire from a discount store will only last as long as the first tear or rip when you must discard it. When you purchase a Louis Vuitton purse – you’re making an investment, for life.

5. Louis Vuitton Pieces are Timeless!
Piggy-backing onto the “an investment for life” point I noted above is the fact that a Louis Vuitton piece is timeless. When you acquire these pieces, you acquire them for life and they’ll float flawlessly from decade to decade matching new trends while remaining a classic accessory.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Get Lost With JackieWhen I was on a sponsored press trip with Grey Goose, just outside of Bordeaux, France, my trusty Neverfull not only carried my belongings with me safely, it also fit in with the upscale décor. Timeless.

6. The Neverfull Goes with Virtually Everything
I not only hop on a plane with my Neverfull as my carry-on personal item but I also take my Neverfull to the beach, on trains, for a day roaming around a city, and virtually anywhere else. Being that the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is such a timeless piece you can pair it with nearly any outfit, for nearly any occasion. I’m not suggesting that you pair it with your black-tie best but I am positive that you’ll find multiple uses for your Neverfull while on vaca.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull - Get Lost With JackieHere’s my Neverfull (personalized by being stamped with my initials, ‘JMS’ – a complimentary service with purchase) poolside at the W Hotel in South Beach.

I’m confident when I say that, “the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the best personal item to carry on a plane” and I’m perhaps even more confident when I say that the Neverfull is hands-down the best investment I’ve made. This purse has been with me for seven years now and I can’t imagine traveling, or living, without it.




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49 responses to “Why the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is the Best “Personal Item” Carryon – Ever”

  1. Emily says:

    Oh, now I want to buy a new bag! I totally agree with you a bag like this is an investment that will last you a lifetime, and is soooo much better than buying a cheapie that will last 5 mins and look tacky. It is a beautiful bag and perfect for travel! P.S. glad I came across your post on Female Travel Bloggers cause now I have found your lovely blog!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I’m glad you agree with me!! With a blog page name like yours though, I’d expect you’d be able to relate to the finer things. I LOVE FTB!! It’s the best for meeting others in our field <3

    • Amy says:

      I bought my Speedy 30 just as the Neverfull collection was being released and I went back and fourth before deciding on the Speedy. My logic was that I liked the zipper. While I love my Speedy, I’ve secretly regretted my choice. I think 2018 will be the year I buy my Neverfull GM.

      • Jacklyn Shields says:

        I totally understand that regret, Amy! I actually bought my Speedy 30 first, also and I ALSO secretly regretted it. That was, until I got the Neverfull – now I don’t regret having both. 😉

    • Raina Davis says:

      Great write up about the neverfull. Although one thing you said about Louis Vuitton coming with a lifetime of support is untrue, I brought my bag to the Louis Vuitton in the forum shops in Caesars palace and was told they wouldn’t fix my broken strap because my leather had cracked. So basically the piping had cracked after 5 years ever so slightly, once you have any cracking on bag it’s deemed unfit for lotus Vuitton to fix. I was very dissapointed as I believed they would fix the strap of a new-ish looking purse.

      • Jacklyn Shields says:

        Oh I should totally note that! I had no idea that they wouldn’t fix it if the leather had cracked. I even had a bag from the 80’s fixed once!! Thanks so much for informing me, I really appreciate it! <3

      • Erin Hayter says:

        Purchase my Louis online I had it for about three years and it started cracking around the handles, I took it into the Louis Vuitton store in the fashion show mall in Las Vegas fully expecting to buy a new purse if they didn’t do repairs. I was informed that they did not do repairs but after the sales associate talk to me for a few minutes she went over and talk to the manager and I was able to exchange my cracked Louis for any Louis in the store that I wanted only having to pay the difference in prices of the purses. I did not select the never full and I’m going back tomorrow to buy the never full to add to my collection. Their customer service, as far as I’m concerned, is out standing and I will continue to buy Louis Vuitton purses until I have no more money. LOL

  2. Brooklyn says:

    Well you have me sold, I want one!
    I’m always looking for the perfect travel bag, and this one is beautiful.

  3. Val says:

    I love Louis Vuitton! My all time fav! I hope you are having a great trip Jackie and thx for all you have helped me with !!


  4. Eryn says:

    Well….Guess I’m going to have to save up for a LV bag now!!! I’ve been wanting one for ages but could never justify the price. But honestly you made such a good case it’s now on my to-buy list!!

    Eryn, Diaries From The Window Seat

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      It’d not always easy to justify the cost but in this case – I can’t justify it otherwise!

  5. Cherene Saradar says:

    I can’t get over how much you fit in that bag! Totally chic too. I love the name…kind of says it all! Having it as long as you have is quite a testament to its durability and quality.

  6. Alicia M says:

    I’m amazed at how much fits into that bag! haha. Definitely a better investment than buying crappy $50 purses every few months. Adding this to my list of things to buy!!

  7. Ivy V says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. <3 I've been fighting the itch for a Neverfull for years, and I might just have to give in for my future travel plans! Do you happen to have an e mount Olympus Mirrorless camera?
    If so, which lenses do you pair with your Olympus Mirrorless for travel? I have an Olympus Alpha 6000 that I bought specifically because of its travel-friendly size. Thanks for any recommendations you can offer!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I totally support the Neverfull purchase! I currently use an olympus pen el-p7, with two lenses one standard 14-42mm and one zoom 40-150mm – I committed to the mirrorless for its travel size, also but in all honestly I’m considering going back to a Nikon! I just personally love the DSLR shots, specifically night shots but the mirrorless is definitely great for everything else!

  8. Joanna says:

    This was a great read! I just got a neverfull for Christmas and I love it! At first I was scared to put a lot of stuff in it thinking it will break but Thanks for reassuring me that I can.

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      Hey Joanna! Congrats on being a new Neverfull owner! Fret not because I typically carry FOUR cameras (a DSLR, a mirrorless, and two go-pros) my iPad, a book or two, a MacBook Pro AND MORE in my Neverfull at all times. Feel free to try to fill it (after all it may never actually be full) with no worries. Enjoy your new bag! <3

  9. Heidi says:

    Hi, Did you treat your Neverfull’s handles to protect them and keep them clean? I have had mine 4 years and have never cleaned them but use the bag everyday and it is starting to look sad. Yours look so clean! Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I haven’t ever treated my handles! If you check out the Louis website on the side of the product it gives a breakdown on care for the leather handles, etc. I use mine a lot, also and was considering bringing it in to check out having them clean it, if they can.

  10. Kelly Millington-Drake says:

    Good write up! I tried the neverfull and found once packed with just the daily items, the thin straps hurt like hell! Hand carried, they cut by blood circulation off across my fingers and shoulder carried, just no! I have speedy 35 and find the straps and handle a dream in comparison. So many people I know have got rid of their NF’s for this reason. The all-in looks comfy though and had a zip and folds flat for travel, comes with a luggage tag too.

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I have the speedy, too! Personally I don’t mind the straps as I usually prop it up on my rolling luggage so I never actually have to hold it on my shoulder too much but that’s a really good point to make!

  11. Viv says:

    I have a MM Neverfull Damier Azur for work in the summer and really love it. Originally I thought Keepall 50 is a better option for my “personal item” carry on because of its zipper and tag. And, I usually fold up my Goyard St Louis in my carry on for extra shopping because of its lighter weight anyway. However, I am secretly regretting it especially after seeing your post now. After using it for a few trips, I find myself babying the Keepall constantly because of the leather at the bottom. It also hurts my shoulder even with the leather shoulder pad because of the weight. Not sure what to do… 🙁

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I had the SAME problem with my Keepall 55! I actually ended up selling it because I was so worried about it all the time and it was just too big and I’d end up having the same issue with it hurting my shoulder. I also had one time where they tried to force me to check my Keepall and that was the last time I flew with it. I think I’ll look into re-investing into a Keepall when I’m flying private one day (a girl can dream, right?). At the end of the day, though, the Keepall is a really great bag and you’re so spot on about having the zipper and tag! I actually use my tag from my Keepall on my Neverfull, since I had it monogrammed I couldn’t sell it with the bag. Maybe see if you can find a Neverfull discounted on a site like Poshmark or an app like RueLaLa! It’s great to have both the Neverfull and Keepall – that’s honestly what I miss most about the Keepall, matching it with my Neverfull!

  12. Jean-Marie says:

    I’ve ordered my first LV bag and it’s the Neverfull GM! Your review has been so helpful. Thank you! I’m curious, do you treat your bag or use a “rain coat” for it? I travel a fair amount and intend to use this regularly…sometimes we can’t dodge the rain. Thoughts?

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I’ve actually never had to treat my bag but I also have had some issues where I couldn’t dodge the rain, the good part is that the material of the bag is really easy to clean, anytime it got wet I just wiped it down with a paper towel. The leather will age with water so if anything I’d tuck the handles into the bag and carry it under your arm if it’s really pouring down! Good luck with your new bag!

  13. Diana says:

    Hi! I came across your blog because I am thinking of purchasing a Neverfull as my carry on item. I am just having a hard time doing it because I am scared to ruin the vachetta and don’t know how I feel about shoving and kicking an LV under an airplane seat. I travel a lot of work and have made platinum on Delta for 4 years in a row, thats 400 flights for me. I have a Michael Kors that I have used as my laptop carry on for the past 4 years and the handles are peeling. Do you think it’s wise to just buy a cheap MK bag so I can kick it under the seat or should I take the risk of a Neverfull? I just can’t decide. First world problems! 🙂

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I don’t think you should worry too much about the leather! It’s super durable and I’m almost positive the MK handles aren’t built the way the LV neverfull handles are (don’t quote me, but the price difference isn’t *just* because of the name but also quality, I’ve seen heaps of MK bags that were falling apart). I almost always use my Neverfull when I travel – I’m not quite Delta platinum but I’m silver for three years in a row and sometimes my clients/partners book me on other airlines so I’ve had my fair share of flights, as well, and I’ve never worried too much about the Neverfull! I think that if you’re super worried maybe alternate every other trip with a different bag but I wouldn’t stress too much because it’s built to last and the material is legit perfect to slide in and out of the seat in front of you lol it legitimately glides on airplane carpet ??

  14. Mayuri says:

    I was second guessing my self on the purchase of the Neverfull, I am glad I read this! I bought the medium size as I’m only 5’2 and wanted to use the bag at work as well as travel

    Thanks for sharing your love for LV – it is timeless for sure!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I think with any large purchase we can always second guess ourselves but you’ll totally love, and re-love as the time goes on, your Neverfull! And one day you’ll be able to pass it on to a family member! Timelessness is one of the best features of this bag. <3

  15. Victoria says:

    I want to buy a Neverfull but I’m not sure whether to go for the MM or the GM. I don’t want it just for travel, I’d like to use it for lunches and shopping days etc too. Is the GM too big for that?

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I, personally, don’t think there’s such thing as a bag that’s “too big” LOL but the best part about the GM is that you can fold the sides in, so if the bag isn’t full, it’s “folded” a bit.

  16. great points altogether, you simply won a new reader.
    What might you recommend about your submit that you
    just made a few days ago? Any certain?

  17. Kara says:

    I have a Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene that I’ve only had a little over a year and barely use and one of the straps has more wear than the other. I can’t figure out why. Have you experienced this? Maybe it’s unique to the Damier handles. All I can figure is that it’s the one that gets rubbed under the other more. Is this something I can contact LV about?

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      Oh, no! I haven’t experienced that, at all. My straps are surprisingly not that worn down. I’d definitely contact LV about that!

  18. Madeline says:

    I love that Louis Vuitton bag, it would be such a lovely and also thoughtful gift.

  19. Kara says:

    Could you post an update or some pics of the bag with all of the stuff you carry in it? That would be super helpful! And do you have an organizer or how do you organizer yours?

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      Hi Kara! Such a great suggestion! I’m going to wrap up a second post with everything I put in my carryon and link you to it! Would you want a youtube video, also?

  20. Kim says:

    I’ve been dithering over purchasing the Neverfull for awhile now. I was lucky enough to get a Speedy years (decades now!) ago and love the look of it, but practical it isn’t for finding anything inside of that dark well. I’ve scoured the web for Neverfull reviews, as this has been hands down, the absolute best. You’ve covered everything I was worried about – the open top, the weight of the bag once full, and the reality of the thin straps cutting in to your shoulders or hands when the bag is full, and I appreciate your honest take on everything. So many of the “reviews” are just girls staring at their toes holding the bag down by their feet, or artful “spill” photos where the logo-ed items cascade out of the bag prettily. Not terribly useful if one is considering how it will perform in daily life. Thanks for a great review and useful responses to the comments. I look forward to exploring your blog.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Jackie I love this post. I just bought the LV Neverfull GM and I’m in love. I do baby it because I don’t want to tear the bag at the handles attached to the purse, but I love your post about how much you pack in yours WHEW!!! I also have the Keepall 45 which pairs perfectly with the neverfull, thank you so much for this post!! It made me fall in love with both of my bags even more!!

  22. Natalie says:

    Hey there! When you go on the plane do you put it under your seat or in the overhead? Ever had things fall out?

    Great Post!

    • Jacklyn Shields says:

      I’ve actually done both! The only time I’ve ever had anything fall out was a sweater that I had sitting on top of it.

  23. Hayley says:

    I’m taking my new Neverfull MM on a flight this morning and read your post as inspiration (I’m in the front seat and a bit nervous about having it in the overhead). I do love this bag I bought it as a work bag because it fits my laptop but it’s perfect for shopping or as an overnight bag. Thanks for your review, it makes me want to buy the GM!

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