OneScreen: A New Home for All Your Travel Planning, Suggestions and Recommendations

Some of the most stimulating parts of new travels are in the planning stages. Excitement levels peak, expectations for a great trip are set and butterflies begin to flutter in our stomach in anticipation of our new travels. Ironically, some of the most draining parts of new travels lie in those same planning stages that boost excitement for new tips.

For me, trip planning consists of researching travel recommendations across multiple platforms. From Pinterest, to blogs, to print magazines, to travel guide books and then some, which can be difficult to organize – to say the least.

A Travel Planning Solution:

My friends at OneScreen have come in with an iPhone and Android application that helps to solve some of our ‘unorganized’ trip planning woes! OneScreen organizes all travel suggestions and recommendations in one place, known as a “collection”.

OneScreen travel app

The OneScreen App will quickly become one of your favorite social networks!

How it Works:

OneScreen allows you to create ‘collections’ – which can be anything from a country to a city or even a more narrowed down topic. I found it to be best to break my collections down by a location + topic (Long Island + Eats, Miami + Restaurants, Paris + Brunch/Lunch). But the best part? You can organize your collections based off of your preferences! The possibilities are endless.

For example, you can check out my article ‘How to Spend Five Days on the Amalfi Coast’  which is chock full of accommodations, restaurants and sight-seeing suggestions. Instead of jotting down my suggestions you can log onto the OneScreen app and check out all of those same suggestions, broken down by category, in my collections!

OneScreen travel app

The organization of the collections, with photos, make it super user friendly (and fun!) to use. You can even send a link to your collection right via the app to messages, email, social media and more.

My Favorite Feature:

All of the collections have their own map – showing where in the area, city or country the suggestions are located. Remember when Instagram used to have a world map integrated into the app? OneScreen has essentially taken that concept and put it on steroids!

OneScreen travel app

Bonus Features:

As if the organization of the collections, the break-down of suggestions and fun map feature weren’t enough – OneScreen went and stepped it up a notch. You can connect your other social networks, calendars, Facebook Events and Eventbrite right to OneScreen which keeps everything all in one organized place. This makes it easy to not only create collections of your suggestions and recommendations but also collections of must-see places, restaurants, accommodations and more for upcoming trips.

All in all – I can see OneScreen drastically changing the travel planning game with their fun new application. From the collections to the map – I can spend hours playing around on OneScreen and bet you will, too!

*Disclaimer: This post was made in collaboration with my friends at OneScreen. My opinions, as always, remain my own.

OneScreen travel app

OneScreen travel app


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2 responses to “OneScreen: A New Home for All Your Travel Planning, Suggestions and Recommendations”

  1. Ohh I love organizational tools like this! You’re totally right and I do the same thing with having multiple places I look for itinerary items. Super cool that they added the event function, too (sometimes I travel for concerts, so being able to add those will be super helpful!)

  2. Cherene Saradar says:

    This looks like exactly what I need. Going to check it out!

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