What to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise

There is nothing quite like cruise travel. The ability to see many different places without having to un-pack and re-pack is probably my favorite part of cruising and as such, I almost always overpack when I’m heading on a cruise. After recently cruising with Celebrity Cruises on their new ship, The Edge I decided to round up all of the things you might need to pack for a Caribbean Cruise – including things you might not necessarily think about. From outfits you’ll need to sun care and motion sickness relief – these are the best things to pack for your Caribbean cruise!

Health + Beauty


Pacifica Sun + Skin Care Mineral Sunscreen Spray is the first of its kind as a mineral SPF 50 spray that’s not only cruelty free but coconut scented and water resistant for up to 80 minutes!

Pacifica SPF 30 Bronzing Spray Mineral Sunscreen is another mineral SPF but with opaque bronzing minerals to give you that after-sun bronze glow. It’s also a water-resistant sunscreen, coconut scented and cruelty free – as well as 100% vegan friendly! 

Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen SPF 35 is another mineral SPF and worth the splurge. You can even wear it as a primer for makeup and its anti-aging properties blend flawlessly, keeping your skin protected and looking fresh.

If you have sensitive skin then this Alba Botanical 50SPF is perfect for you! Without any oxybenzone, octinoxate or synthetic fragrances – it’s also recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation!

After Sun Care

This 99% aloe for Skin/Body is crucial for Caribbean cruises! If you’re like me, and you can burn easily, loading up on the aloe and after-sun care to avoid peeling/feeling uncomfortable is a necessity. This moisturizer can be used on your face and your body.  It’s made with anti-bacterial properties which give off that cooling relief we all need after too much fun in the sun.

Aside from the amazing smell of this coconut and vanilla cooling mist, it contains minerals that instantly cool and hydrate your post-sun skin. Remember, the Caribbean sun is VERY strong, so you want to keep your skin hydrated after exposure. This mist is made with fresh virgin coconut, pure organic aloe water, rich ocean minerals, and cooling mint – it’s also great to use after a workout!

If you’re looking for a more organic option – this aloe is 99.75% organic and its Amazon’s choice for aloe! 

Tanning Lotions

Calling all my bronzed goddesses, this browning lotion is calling your name!  For those of your that I envy that achieve a gorgeous glow from the Caribbean sun, this lotion (no SPF) accelerates the tanning process and eliminates long hours in the sun.  I would recommend using an SPF first and then applying this lotion, ensuring the protection of your skin while adding a gorgeous bronze glow

This orange gel sunscreen acts as a self-tanner as well, and has a mild SPF of 4.  It’s, unfortunately, one of the best tanning products but has been discontinued! If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the last remaining ones – you’ll have to pay a price for it. However, it will definitely help maintain the longevity of your Caribbean tan, keeping your friends jealous for weeks after you return from your Caribbean cruise!

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Motion Sickness Medication

Non-drowsy Dramamine is a life saver for those of you who get a little motion sick on cruises. It’s only $3 and provides up to 24 hours of relief from nausea, to dizziness to vomiting. You can also check out this “Natural” version of Non-Drowsy Dramamine  If you thought your motion sickness would prevent you from enjoying a Caribbean cruise – think again! 

It’s no secret that aside from tasting delicious, ginger can help assist in stomach problems.  So when I found these chewy ginger candies, I had to try them! It is made with fresh ginger and all you do is pop a candy in when you’re feeling a wave of nausea coming on and voila! You are now set to sail on your Caribbean cruise – motion-sick free!

Another option would be these wristbands work by applying pressure to the Nei-Kuan point in the wrist and work wonders for monitoring motion sickness.

Disinfectant Wipes

Germaphobes rejoice! The smallest, easiest to pack disinfecting wipes are only $0.99! I throw these disinfecting wipes in my carry-on and whip ‘em out whenever I feel I need to give something a quick clean before using.  I also pack these wherever I go, whether it’s cruising the Caribbean, a day in NYC or road tripping, these are always needed!

Hand Sanitizer

The Honest Company made an instant drying hand sanitizer spray that is also hypoallergenic and plant based.  This sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  Great for when you get off the cruise to go exploring around the Caribbean!

You can also opt to pack hand Sanitizer with Aloe Gel which contains a soothing aloe, so you can remain calm while staying clean!

Lastly, you’ll want these wipes which are individually packaged and fit right in your pocket, or a tiny bag!  They are the perfect packing size! These wipes are hypoallergenic and enriched with skin conditioning aloe – perfect to wipe down any public space you might be unsure of.

Shampoo + Conditioner

It’s great that these products usually are stocked in a cruise bathroom for you, but (and especially when it comes to sun, sand, chlorine and salt water) I highly recommend bringing your own, quality, shampoo and conditioners.

I love this sleek and shine shampoo/conditioner set or for extra moisture to combat the elements of ‘cruise hair’ check out this shampoo and this conditionerIf you’re someone like me who *really* loves to take care of their hair – you might want to check out this shampoo which is made for after sun care and is said to remove sand, chlorine and salt. Pair it with this after sun mask and if you want to get ahead of the curve you can even try out this Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.

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Clothing + Accessories

Wrinkle Release Spray 

If you didn’t know, now you do – irons aren’t allowed on cruises. As such, if you want your clothes to be wrinkle free, you’ll need this wrinkle release spray packed and ready to go for your cruise! At less than $2 – you have no excuse to have wrinkled clothes on your cruise!


When it comes to bathing suits or coverups for a cruise – I say at least one per full day of cruising!You’ll definitely want a colorful one piece packed in your bags and you can’t go wrong with a black one piece .

If bikini’s are more your style check out something like this trendy high-waist two piece (which comes in heaps of colors!) or a cheeky two-piece like this (which comes in over 15 colors/patterns!).

Check Out Some More Bathing Suits:


This maxi coverup by L*Space is perfect for a Caribbean cruise!  It’s so lightweight and comfortable you can wear it off the ship to a beach or to the pool or just walking around the ship.

This open front coverup has the prettiest colors and is perfect to wear over a bikini or a one piece.  I would even throw on a pair of denim cutoffs with a swimsuit and throw this kimono style cover up over to create a stylish and easy breezy island look.

An ivory lace coverup that also serves as a piece to an outfit?! Yes, please!  This coverup is not only perfect for poolside chilling but is great to dress up with a pair of shorts and go exploring around the cruise ship!

A Coverup is a True Staple on a Cruise!

Day Dresses

This light, airy colorful slip dress is the perfect and easiest item to pack.  You can fold it up super small, it weighs next to nothing and looks so adorable just by itself!  You can wear this dress to lunch and throw it on with a pair of sandals OR dress it up for a casual dinner with some espadrille wedges. 

This effortless, breezy beach dress is a great dress to wear during the day with gladiator sandals!  I love to get off the cruise ship and go on some fun excursions and this dress is a comfortable option to have.

I think this fun, beachy dress with tassels is my favorite from this round-up!  It’s a bright and fun yellow color complemented with hot pink tassels that dance around the neckline.  Plus, it’s only $26! I would style this with a cute pair of slide sandals for a casual fun day in the sun. 

Casual Dinner Dresses

Dressing up for cruise dinners are one of my favorite things about going on cruises! A short black cocktail dress is the perfect dinner dress to pack for a Caribbean cruise vacation. I love the buckle detail on this dress, and I would pair it with some block heels.

You can also never go wrong with a floral midi-dress for dinner and this dress comes in over 30 colors/patterns that are all perfect for the Caribbean and easy to throw on for a casual meal.  I love that this dress is a faux-wrap silhouette, it is such a romantic and fun dress that looks stunning on.

Formal Dinner Dresses

Usually on cruises there is one or two nights where you dress up super formal.  I love doing this especially when I have a good tan going!  This lace midi-dress is so perfect to wear to your formal dinner.  It is available in several different colors and has spaghetti straps to beat the Caribbean heat.  This dress is great for twirling in the sun or on a ballroom dance floor. Available in over 10 colors this gorgeous maxi lace-back chiffon gown is so easy to pack and even easier to wear.  It has a stunning sheer lace back that is sure to turn heads. 


White jeans are a must for any Caribbean cruise vacation. These high waisted white denim jeggings are my go-to for white jeans.  They are the most comfortable, and most flattering.  You don’t have to worry about them being see through or any underwear lines peeking through. Plus, because of the jegging material, they are SO easy to fold down and pack without bulking up your suitcase and taking up too much room.

BlankNYC makes the most amazing and best fitting denim boyfriend shorts they are so easy to dress up with some espadrilles or dress down with some gladiator sandals.  Boyfriend shorts are definitely tricky to find but these are the best in the game.  I highly recommend these even if you’re not heading on a Caribbean cruise, they are just a great summer staple to add to your wardrobe!

These linen jogger pants are a must when going on a cruise. Not only do they fold up super small, but they are so lightweight that they’re perfect for wearing in the Caribbean heat with a tank top and sneakers to go exploring around the island.  (Pro tip: these are also super comfortable to travel home in!)


What goes best with a Caribbean cruise? A watermelon printed white collar shirt, of course!  I would wear this button top with embroidered tiny palm trees with boyfriend denim shorts and some sandals and a sun hat.  I love lightweight button-down shirts like this because they’re comfortable and easy to pack.

Don’t forget to pack your basics!  With so many amazing products you still can’t forget those basic V-neck tees they’re under $20 and literally go with anything and everything!  Tuck these in to your linen pants or denim shorts for a comfortable and casual style.

It’s a bit windy on the bow of the ship so if you’re planning to head to watch the sunset views – don’t forget to pack a sweater!

Day Sandals

My favorite sandals for travel ever are these granola sandals.  They are so insanely comfortable to walk around in!  Perfect to wear on off-ship excursions or around the cruise exploring.

Splurge on these studded-jelly sandals these are not only great for packing, as they are so lightweight and take up little to no room, but they are so comfortable to wear to the pool on your cruise or to an exotic Caribbean island.

I am in love with these super simple yet stylish sandals that come in over 15 colors and patterns meaning they’ll match with nearly any or everything. The best part? They’re under $30! 

Formal Sandals

I love these ankle strapped, block heel sandals and since they come in heaps of colors you can go with a fun geranium-pink or a traditional nude or black to go with everything in your wardrobe. If you’re looking to skip the heels for a more formal look you can go with these super cute strappy tassel sandals.


I’m low-key obsessed with my Allbirds wool runners (so much so that they’re even in my article, The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Stylish Traveler” and not only would they transition from the plane to the ship perfectly but they’d also pair with shorts for an excursion day. For a more nautical look you can opt to bring along this classic boat shoe as your casual ‘shoe’ for the trip.


These after dark shield sunglasses are a must! They are only $60 and have a black frame with a reflective two-tone shield lens.  I love that when the sun hits them in the right spot they reflect a stunning hot pink, looks just like a Caribbean sunset! I always pack an affordable “throw away” pair of sunnies for the beach.  These aviator shades are only $15 so if you lose them or they get scratched it’s not the end of the world.  I love the aviator shape of these plus they are UV protected and come in heaps of colors!


Want chic up your casual day look? Add this classic straw fedora for under $60. Another must have for a Caribbean cruise is this oversize floppy hat . An oversized floppy hat can be tricky to pack, but it is definitely a necessity of mine when going on a cruise to the Caribbean because it’s great for shielding your face from the sun when you’re feeling a bit too crispy!

Water Shoes

If you’re like me, when you go on a trip – you also book some super fun water excursions.  I like to wear these water shoes as a precaution when going snorkeling or scuba diving. They may not be the trendiest, but safety first!

Electronics + Other

Portable Charger

This slim compact portable charger is a must!  You never know when your phone is going to die on you, especially when you are off the cruise ship exploring!   


This drone is a definite splurge, but can truly enhance your trip and take unbelievable pictures you could never capture from the ground below.  Drones are just a great investment if you love photography like I do and want to really capture the beauty and essence of the Caribbean.


Entry level DSLR – perfect for travel! This camera will take great photos along your cruise and will make your photos so crisp making the trip even more memorable.


If you’re an adventure seeker capture the fun with this waterproof digital action GoPro.  Not only is this GoPro waterproof, it is also touchscreen! How cool is that?!

Reusable Mug

I always bring a reusable mug with me when I travel.  This 22 oz stainless steel water bottle is one of my favorites! It comes in dozens of colors and patterns and it’s great for keeping your water ice cold or if you like a hot coffee on the go in the morning before an excursion it keeps your drink piping hot.


The Paperwhite Kindle has been a favorite of mine while traveling for years. It has unlimited data for all the books you can imagine. Its glare proof screen allows you to read while you bake under the Caribbean sun! I also never go on a vacation without my iPad it doesn’t have the anti-glare protection that you can get from a kindle BUT! You can read, email, play games, etc. and so much more with an iPad.

Waterproof Phone Case

This universal waterproof phone case is another must have for a Caribbean cruise!

ID/Ship Card Lanyard

When cruising, there are a lot of cards to keep up with including your room key, your ID, credit cards etc. Make sure you always have these cards on you with this lanyard!  This pack comes with 2 black lanyards each with a plastic holding case to keep all of your necessary cards together.

Foldable/Expandable Travel Bag

I know whenever I go on a cruise I always need to pack this folding travel bag it’s the perfect size to fold down when first packing, and great for all of these extra gifts you just needed to buy when exploring the Caribbean islands! 

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I ride or die for the products I recommend which means I’d never suggest something I don’t personally love.

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