Learning a Language with Rosetta Stone’s New ‘Your Plan’ Feature

Earlier this year I shared my intentions to learn Italian fluently, in hopes of residing in Italy for an extended period. I started practicing Italian with Rosetta Stone and over the last few months I’ve advanced from “beginner” to “intermediate” in Italian! Learning Italian just got easier with Rosetta Stone’s new “Your Plan” feature. 

With “Your Plan” you choose how YOU want to learn.

Now, earlier in the year I broke down all my favorite features of learning a language with Rosetta Stone (you can read about them in my article: “Why I’m Learning Italian with Rosetta Stone”)– but “Rosetta Stone Your Plan” just upped the ante. You can expect the same great features you know and love about Rosetta Stone such as: synced learning across all your devices – start on your computer at home and pick the lesson up where you left off on your phone on the go or downloading lessons to use while offline or without a data/wifi connection.

On top of the great features you know and love about Rosetta Stone. – their new “Your Plan” feature lets you craft your own unique and personalized learning plan based off of your existing knowledge level of the language and your reason for wanting to learn more of the language. 

Rosetta Stone is one of my favorite ways to learn a new language and their new “Your Plan” feature makes it easier and more convenient than ever! Learn more about Rosetta Stone’s new “Your Plan”…Click to Tweet

One of my favorite features of the Rosetta Stone Your Plan is that you can choose a plan based off of your reason for learning the language. Are you looking to learn enough of a language to get by traveling in a specific country? There’s a “Traveler” plan for that. Are you looking to learn more of a language to advance your career? There’s a “Career Builder” plan for that. Hoping to just learn for fun? You guessed it – there’s a “Language Lover” plan for that! The same way as the prior Rosetta Stone lessons, each “Your Plan” is available for beginner, intermediate and proficient language learners and plans are available for all 24 learning languages.

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The “Your Plan” lessons are short, “bite sized” daily lessons to ensure that the user sticks to their plan and keeps them on track to finish their lessons. If the user finds that they often lack motivation or accountability – they can set up daily notifications as a motivator and reminder to pick up their lessons where they left off the day prior. The notifications are a great way to stay on track with lessons and ensure that the user hits their daily objectives in an effort of the long-term goal to learn a new language.

Want to give Rosetta Stone a test-run? Click this link to try a free demo of Rosetta Stone!

I love that Rosetta Stone’s features can be used at home or on the go.

Over the last weeks I’ve been practicing my Italian using the “my plan” feature and I have been LOVING it. My experience with Rosetta Stone’s “my plan” feature is that it takes the features that I know and love about Rosetta Stone (ease of use, functionality, and pronunciation practices) and merges them to assist the user in learning the language in a way that benefits them the most.

While Rosetta Stone’s traditional plans are definitely the best way to learn a language in its entirety I find that the updated “Your Plan” gives you the freedom to learn what you need to learn in order to achieve a particular goal with the language (learning it for travel vs. learning it for business, for example). I also believe that entering the “Your Plan” program on a beginner level for a particular purpose (i.e for travel, family, etc) introduces the user to the language they hope to learn on a deeper, more advanced level which down the line  might be able to assist the user in learning the language fluently. 

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Disclaimer: This post was written in partnership with my friends at Rosetta Stone and contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase.. I ride or die for the products I suggest so you can rest easy knowing that I’d never suggest something I don’t personally love.

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