Jackie’s Top Selfie Fails of 2017

Piggybacking off of the success of my post earlier in 2017 of my selfie fails, I decided to compile a few of my selfie fails from 2017 into one big #failed post. Previously, I had written “15 Times I Attempted a Perfect Selfie and #FAILEDwhich contained photos from the last two years of my travels. Welp, these selfie fails of 2017 have all happened since publishing that post in March. You’d think I’d have gotten it down by now, but nope!

Without further adieu, here are my top selfie fails of 2017, broken down by category of course.

Perpetual RBF:

What is it about resting bitch face that I just can’t seem to shake? From a top of a camel in the Sahara to the beaches of Miami – RBF seems to be contributing to all of my selfie fails in 2017.

selfie fails 2017

This could’ve been cute if my face (as if I’m bored or something during a sunrise in the Sahara on a camel?!) wasn’t ruining it.

selfie fails 2017

Another day in Morocco, another RBF to contribute to all the 2017 selfie fails.

selfie fails 2017

I was watching one of the most beautiful sunrises over the beach in Miami during this photo, however due to my RBF – you’d never know.

Awkward, Party of One:

I think I have officially mastered being awkward in photos. I get in front of a lens and just become so weird. I don’t know what to do, how to pose – and it shows.

selfie fails 2017

I’ll give you three guesses as to what was going through my mind here. Although – I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to because I had no idea what I was doing.

selfie fails 2017

This one might actually belong at the top of the list of my selfie fails for 2017. WHAT AM I EVEN DOING?!

selfie fails 2017

Who do I think I am? Charlie Brown? What is this pose? Why am I doing it?

This actually could’ve been cute if my legs weren’t doing whatever awkward pose they’re doing.

selfie fails 2017

Is it a skip? Is it a kick? The world may never know.

selfie fails 2017

That’s just Notre Dame and some of the most beautiful Parisian rooftops behind me so instead of gazing in the direction of the views I’ll just look down at the ground. #awk-waaaaaard.

selfie fails 2017

Sometimes people photobomb your tri-pod selfies, which is okay. Looking at them awkwardly with a half creep smile, isn’t.

selfie fails 2017

This one could actually be cute if I wasn’t looking awkwardly (at nothing) while simultaneously looking terrified (at nothing).

selfie fails 2017

Note to self: in order for this to work, you have to use your left arm, as your right arm is just going to cover your face and ruin the photo.

selfie fails 2017

Just another photo where I appear scared for no reason. And another note to self, get your hair out of your face for photos.

WTF (yes, that, but also WHY THE FACE):

If taking anything from my selfie fails of 2017 – I should take away the fact that I need to focus more on my facial expressions when being photographed. These last shots could all be so great – if it weren’t for my WTF face.

Picking pomegranates in Tuscany? Why not stare at the floor with my mouth half opened during a photo?

selfie fails 2017

Here my face resembles that of a coach who is fighting a ref on a bad call for their team. Not. Cute.

selfie fails 2017

Again, what is with the mouth?!

All in all, my selfies were mostly not fails in 2017. However, taking time to laugh at yourself and make good memories from bad photos totally can’t hurt!

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