The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Stylish Traveler

We all have that one friend who’s flawlessly put together, no matter when or where they are. And we’ve all had those issues – holiday shopping for our stylish friend. I like to think I’m somewhat of a stylish traveler myself and over the last few years of travels I’ve complied a few stylish essentials for my travels. From clothes to beauty products to accessories and shoes – this is the ultimate holiday gift guide for the stylish traveler in your life!

Allbirds Shoes

Allbirds hails from New Zealand where wool is kind of a big deal. The founder of Allbirds set out to make a sustainable, comfortable shoe and he hit the ball out of the park. My wool runners are legit the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever placed my foot in. The minimal design makes it stylish and easy to pair with almost anything and the bonus? Since they’re not synthetic, they’re machine washable!

Cute Hats

The stylish traveler on your gift list probably already understands the greatness of a good hat. A hat is a stylish accessory and can also diversify your wardrobe which is especially great for a traveler. This courdory lieutenant hat comes in a bunch of in fun colors where as this grey plaid fisherman hat is a little more practical. As for this classic black baker boy hat well, that’ll never go out of style!

Gatta Bag Camera Bags

Gatta Bag was founded by Diana Fung, a photographer and blogger at In Between Pictures. Diana noticed a serious lack of stylish camera bags on the market and began designing functional, yet stylish, camera bags for the chic traveler. I’m personally obsessed with my Lola Miel bag which fits my Sony A7ii (with the lens) perfectly while also having a front pocket that’s perfect for my phone.

The Best Blister Cushions, Ever

I like new shoes! So, I’m someone who almost always has a blister problem. I discovered these blister cushions when I broke in a new pair of boots in Paris in 2015 and at the time they didn’t sell them in the states. They work so well that I stocked up and still have some of my original stash, even though you can now acquire them in the US (thanks, Amazon!).

Facial Mist

Every traveler needs to be especially concerned with hydrating, from the inside and also from the outside. Facial mists are a great stocking stuffer for the stylish traveler because they’re small, affordable and super convenient. I’m a huge fan of this lavender chamomile facial mist or before bed. I also love this more simplistic water facial mist for in flight hydration or this Turkish (vegan!) rose water mist to use before applying primer or makeup and alternatively, after removing makeup.

Kate Spade Portable Charger

I’m almost positive that in this day and age nearly everyone already has a portable power bank. But, this Kate Spade cat power bank is the cutest portable charger ever and a great gift for any chic traveler.

Lifetrons Ultrasonic Cleanser

The Lifetrons Ultrasonic Cleanser uses ultrasonic power, negative and positive ions, and EMS microcurrent lifting to produce clean, radiant skin. The ultrasonic technology assists with a thorough pore cleanse while also exfoliating the skin. The device can also assist with tightening facial muscles, firming skin and improving elasticity. Super compact and rechargeable via USB – this device is a great gift for any stylish traveler.

Gucci Card Holder

I mean, Gucci anything is probably already on the wish list of any stylish traveler. This Gucci Card Holder comes in heaps of colors and won’t break the bank; making it not only great for the stylish traveler in your life but also great for the gift giver!

La Mer Lip Balm

While it is a bit pricey, the La Mer Lip Balm is the single greatest lip balm on the market, and trust me; I’ve done the first-hand research. It’s restorative, conditioning and calming which is something every stylish traveler’s lips will need when jet-setting around the globe.

Quay Sunnies

The Quay (pronounced: KEY) Desi Perkins High Key oversized sunnies are my absolute favorite at the moment and it doesn’t hurt that they’re less than $70. Also less than $65, the Quay French Kiss Cat Eye sunnies are perfect for a stylish, sleek look.

Patchology Mask Kit

I’m became lowkey obsessed with the Patchology eye gels last year when a friend gave them to me to try out and when I found out about their On the Fly Travel Kit I knew I needed to try it. With four masks, a hydration facial mask, an illumination facial mask, my favorite rejuvenating eye gels and a rejuvenating lip gel – this kit is a one stop shop to hydrated, glowing skin when traveling and the perfect stocking stuffer for the stylish traveler on your list.

Kate Spade Phone Case

Honestly, opening any Kate Spade Phone Case would make your stylish travelers eyes sparkle but this Ombré glitter case is one of my favorites and this leather folio case is super practical for almost any traveler.

Clear Bags

Every stylish traveler will find themselves traveling with #AllTheThings. While it’s great having everything you could want or need while you travel, compartmentalizing your whole life can get complicated. That’s where clear everything comes in handy. I love these clear clutches because not only do they make it easy to find what you’re looking for, without having to really look for it, but it can also double as a clutch for going out. This clear jetset case is great for bulkier products like chargers or cosmetics and liquid items .

Cashmere Poncho

Ponchos are making a strong comeback and they’re especially ideal for traveling days. A cashmere poncho is a foolproof gift to place under a stylish travelers tree. I love this cowl neck poncho because it eliminates the need for an extra scarf in-flight while this fun one with fringe is a trendy way to remain comfortable and cozy.

Cashmere Pants

Give the stylish traveler in your life the gift of ultimate comfort this holiday season with a pair of cashmere lounging pants. These pants are the perfect pair to change in to for a comfortable flight or to put on when lounging in a hotel.

Blanket Scarf

If you know me, you know that this is a staple of mine! I can’t travel without a good blanket scarf like this one at less than $20. Blanket scarves made a cameo in my article 17 Items You Need for Travel” and it’s also one of my “Carry On Essentials for Travel I love the concept of the blanket scarf – it’s a scarf, that doubles as a blanket for when you’re on a plane (or in a hotel, on a train, etc).

Document Organizer

A stylish traveler is never unorganized so give the gift of flawless organization, for less than $15, with this tri-fold document organizing wallet. With spaces for your passport, credit cards, drivers license, boarding pass, keys, pen, and more – you can’t go wrong gifting this to the stylish traveler.

Mermaid Cosmetic Bag

Again, stylish travelers don’t do unorganized, and when it comes to makeup and toiletries unorganization can happen fast and can even lead to a mess. This “mermaid” cosmetic bag is foldable, washable, waterproof and houses all of your toiletries standing up meaning less spills and more convenience. At less than $10 it’s a no brainer for the stylish traveler.

White Wireless Headphones

Every traveler needs a good pair of headphones but the stylish traveler needs a pair that’s also super cute. I love these white and tan wireless headphones and they also come with an AUX cord so you can use them in flight!

Fresh Sugar Lip Tints

Stay on top of lip hydration, while also adding a fun pop of color, with these Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. They come in thirteen different tints so you can find the perfect hue for the stylish traveler in your life.

Good Crossbody Bag

I wrapped up all my favorite carryon’s and purses for travel in my article, The Best Handbags and Carryon Bags for Travel but still feel the need to reiterate the need for a good crossbody bag, especially for the stylish traveler.

Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

An average hairdryer might be okay for an average traveler, but the stylish traveler in your life totally needs this featherweight compact folding dryer for their travels.  It can assist with diffusing frizz, retaining mosiure and boosting shine!

Blowfish Boots

I’ve been a huge fan of Blowfish shoes for a while now from their sandals to their sneakers. I especially feel that Blowfish boots deserve their place under a stylish travelers tree because they’re so comfortable to walk in which is rare for a stylish boot!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are another staple on my 17 Items You Need For Travel list and for good reason – they keep you organized while also helping to save space and as I mentioned before, the stylish traveler is never unorganized! Gift the stylish traveler in your life this amazing set of packing cubes and come out of the holiday a lifesaver without breaking the bank.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I ride or die for the products I recommend which means I’d never suggest something I don’t personally love.


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  1. Diana says:

    Love this gift guide – I would use everything here.

  2. Crystal says:

    Love your logo! You should add a few pictures of your highly recommended top choice on here. Would love to see directly! Great options though!

  3. Awesome list! I keep hearing about All Birds and really want to try out a pair. Just not sure how they would look on my huge feet 🙂 My own travel gift guide is coming out on Monday. Would love if you checked it out!

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