Three Steps to Minimize your Beauty, Skin and Hair Care for Long Term Travel

I set the hair-pins in the corners of the photo so you can truly see how this process of minimization works. Above is the “before” picture and below is the “after” picture.

Three Steps to Minimize your Beauty, Skin and Hair Care for Long Term Travel

You can see the drastic minimization in actual space between the first and second photo’s and below you can read how you can eliminate at least a third of the space your hair, beauty and skin care products take up in your bag.

Step One: Buy a Smaller Cosmetics Bag

This might sound obvious but alas I’m listing it regardless. After my last six week solo trip I said to myself “something’s gotta give”. I knew there had to be a way to eliminate some of the things I was lugging around and my first step in doing so was buying a cosmetics bag that was half of the size as the one I’ve accustomed myself to for the last three years of traveling.

Forcing myself to adapt was a huge step in the right direction as my “before minimizing” cosmetics bag weighed 5.8 pounds and my “after minimizing” cosmetics bag is weighing in at a cool *insert sunglasses face emoji* 2.3 pounds.

Step Two: Minimize before you minimize. (Wait, whut? Just trust me here.)

One considerable issue many people have (including my former self) is overpacking to begin with. Before you start to pack your toiletries, moisturizers, creams, etc in your bag: space them all out (as I have above).

Look at what you have in front of you, how much of it is in heavy glass? Is your face cream a three month supply? What you should really be asking yourself right now is: Do you really need all of what you have in front of you?  *Note: prior to the first photo – I had six, yes – six, other beauty and skincare products I chucked as “unnecessary” or “might use once”.

After you’ve faced some harsh truths with yourself (and hopefully, put at least something back where it came from) you’re ready to move on to step three.

Step Three: Downsize

Simply put, step three is the act of taking product out of big packaging and putting it into smaller packaging. Sometimes easier said than done – this process will be where you remove one fourth of that three month supply of face cream (from a large, heavy, glass jar no less) and place it into a tinier container.

I also like to use the downsizing step to take small products out of large packaging. I started using “Compeed” brand blister cushions around the same time I started traveling and they’re a great product (especially when you’re walking excess of 10 miles a day while getting lost). My only issue with Compeed’s blister cushions is that the very small blister cushion itself is in a very large, chunky, plastic container – so, I take the blister cushions out of their packaging – eliminating four fifths of the space the product took up prior.

Three Steps to Minimize your Beauty, Skin and Hair Care for Long Term Travel

Here are some before and after shots of individual product minimization.

And there you have it, folks. Minimizing sounds like a tedious process but with will and determination even the most habitual of chronic over-packers (*cough cough* a.k.a “me”) can drop over three precious pounds of packing space.
Three Steps to Minimize your Beauty, Skin and Hair Care for Long Term Travel

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