Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Getaway

With Valentine’s Day around the corner – there are heaps of people scrambling to put together a last-minute Valentine’s day vacation or plan a romantic Valentines trip. There are also heaps of resources for Valentine’s Day destination inspiration or even Free Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day. But, there’s a serious lack of inspiration on how to romanticize up your Valentines vacation or ideas to make your Valentines trip truly special! I love a good set-up and after my solo-Valentine staycation at Archer Hotel last year, I feel I’m somewhat of an expert on how to spice up your Valentine Holiday getaway. Here are seven ways to step-up your Valentine’s Day vacation:

1. Order Flowers

So, I know this might seem obvious, but sometimes you need to reiterate the evident so, ORDER FLOWERS. Nothing screams romance quite like a bouquet of roses. Of course, ordering flowers abroad might seem like a daunting task but any of the flowers on this website can be arranged to be shipped to 165 different countries! You can also opt to splurge on Venus et Fleur, real roses that last over a year, so you can bring them with you on your Valentines vacation – and take them back home with you for a whole year of memories thereafter. Many hotels can even arrange to have flowers sent to your room. My stay at the Banyan Tree in Bali was extra special because they set up a rose petal bath for me and even wrote “I <3 U” with the petals in the bathtub!

While I was alone during this stay – it was still super romantic!

2. Use Fairy Lights

If you know me, you know I love my fairy lights. I prefer warm toned lights with a copper or metal wire – the cool or LED lights tend to look a little too blue for my liking. These lights are battery operated and super easy to toss into a suitcase to bring along to up the romance ante on your Valentines getaway. You can also opt for a much longer string light that plugs into a wall, as well.

How dreamy is this shot by Tina Lee?! The fairy lights totally add to the ambiance. Tina is an extremely talented content creator and you can follow her gorgeous content on Instagram here.

3. Get a Room with a View

I mean, lets keep it real, who wouldn’t want a room with a view on any vacation? But, there’s something special about a room with a view for your romantic Valentines getaway. A good view can add to the ambiance and make your romantic getaway even that more idyllic.

Another beautiful shot by Tina (@ofleatherandlace on Instagram). This view of the Parliament building in Budapest totally adds to the ambiance!

4. Bring Your Own Decorations

I wasn’t joking when I said I love a good set-up, Valentines or not. But, Valentines set-ups are that much more special because of all the pink and red! I love, love, love this heart garland which can easily be added on a wall, around a headboard, above a table or anywhere else. This super cute heart garland is perfect to place in a hallway of a hotel room or an entryway of an Air B&B. You can also splurge on over 2,000 silk rose petals for less than $7 and adorn the space of your Valentines getaway with rose petals! You can even get a cute red letter wood board and leave sentimental notes for your significant other every morning of your Valentines Vacation!

My Valentines day décor made my Valentines stay-cation that much more fun! 

5. Order Dinner In

Nothing says romance quote like the three words, “lets stay in”. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t love a good #NetflixAndChill night? Especially if your Valentines vacation is a few days long, you and your better half might fully enjoy a night where you can stay in, order some room service or Uber Eats and cuddle up to a cheesy romantic comedy. You can even up the cheesiness by bringing along onesie pajamas in a Valentines print.

Tina (left) with another stunning view, heaps of roses and the perfect “order in” of a stack of pizza’s in Milan! Don’t forget to find/follow her on Instagram  for more gorgeous content! And my “room with a view” of the Empire State Building (right) was the perfect pair to my fairy lights and Netflix night.

6. Set Up a Picnic

Depending on where your special Valentines vacation is geographically – you can set up a romantic Valentines Picnic! Nothing truly screams romance like a bottle of wine, some fresh strawberries and a picnic blanket. This pastel pink and ivory throw is the perfect addition to a romantic Valentines picnic and when paired with a wicker picnic basket lined with red and white cotton lining – you have a perfect picnic ambiance.

With roses, fruit and a perfect floral dress, a picnic is a fun and easy way to add some romance to your Valentines getaway.

7. Bring Candles

Be sure to check with your AirBnB host or your hotel management before lighting up candles during your Valentines getaway and of course if you’re permitted to light candles – let them burn! There’s nothing that sets the mood quite like candles and your Valentines vacation might actually be lacking without them. I love these candles that come in colorful glass jars (bonus for those who order them in red, pink and white!). If you’re not allowed to light candles in your accommodations on your Valentines vaca – you can opt for these flameless battery operated candles which come in a variety of sizes and you can even control the flicker and brightness of the candles!

The view definitely adds to Tina’s shot but how good are the candles! The candles definitely made the set-up that much more romantic. Don’t forget to find/follow her on Instagram  for more gorgeous content!

 Now, I feel I also need to make a few honorable mentions to sexy lingerie, massage oils, and adult gameswhich are all ways you can definitely spice up your Valentines getaway, as well. I prefer to let couples figure out what to do to spice up their vacay behind closed doors, do so, behind said closed doors (ha-ha). But! With my fairy lights, flowers, candles, and décor – you can definitely bring a little more Valentine’s Day to your Valentines getaway.

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5 responses to “Seven Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Getaway”

  1. Megan says:

    I love how you can use most of these tips at home as well!

  2. This is such a great theme for a post and so many great ideas here. You can also combine a bunch of them, such as having a great view + candles + in-room dining … It would become the ultimate Vs day experience 🙂

  3. Hailey says:

    Now I want to go stay at a hotel just so I can bring flowers and fairy lights! 🙂 That sounds like such a great way to create a romantic atmosphere. Maybe I will just have to do it!

  4. Such simple touches – like fairy lights or flowers – can make Valentine’s Day that much more special! We always love to go out for dinner, usually mid-range, not so fancy but not taco stand cheap either. We always just try to make it special for each other, most importantly!! xx

  5. Melissa says:

    Great ideas! Such beautiful photos, thanks for sharing!

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