Venus’ New #MySkinMyWay Campaign is Giving Me #AllTheFeels

I’ve been using Venus razors for as long as I’ve been shaving so when Gillette Venus invited me to an event to “celebrate women who own their stories” – I was super excited. After attending the event and learning a bit more about how Venus is celebrating their 18th birthday as a brand? I’m truly honored to be a part of this initiative.

I'm excited and honored to be apart of the @GilletteVenus #MySkinMyWay Campaign - learn more about the MAJOR shift they're making in their advertising...Click to Tweet

Venus’ Shift

In an effort to acknowledge every woman, and every type of skin, Venus is overhauling their brand marketing from the inside out. In an effort to acknowledge that the picture of ‘perfect skin’ they’ve been painting in their advertisements in the past while also showcasing how the brand has grown over the last 18 years? Venus is making a promise that they won’t be retouching, airbrushing or photoshopping their models moving forward. On top of that? They’re also bringing more women to the team behind the scenes meaning directing and concepts will come from a feminine standpoint, as well. In a great statement, Hillary Mone, North America Gillette Venus Brand Manager says, “In a few months, Gillette Venus turns 18 and we have taken time to self-reflect, to look at who we are, where we’ve been, where we want to be, and what we stand for. Starting with the ‘My Skin, My Way’ campaign, we’re doing things in a new way. We’ll show more types of women on screen and enlist more women behind the camera. No more retouching, no more restrictions, and no more rules.”

Check out the shift in advertising right on Venus’ YouTube Page!

The Event

The event was held at a really cool outdoor, rooftop space in New York City and on top of going into detail about why they’re making this shift and their new commitment to women – Venus also had a panel discussion with women who are living boldly in their own skin. The energy at the event was beaming with “GIRL POWER”. The theme of inclusion and diversity was definitely in full effect as we listened to Jaz Jennings, LGBT activist and the youngest publicly documented woman to be documented as transgender and Shalom Blac, a burn survivor turned activist and beauty guru, discuss what it means to own your skin and your story. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!

Gillette Venus myskinmyway New York city NYC
Here’s Jaz Jennings’ #MySkinMyWay YouTube Feature.

What it Means to Me

I’ve never been the ‘picture perfect’ model that’s typically depicted in advertising and I’ve struggled with insecurities, as we all have, for as long as I can remember. From struggling with being overweight to learning to accept that no matter how much coconut oil I use, my arms might always be dry and bumpy. I even touched on some of my insecurities as they pertain to Instagram and the desire to produce perfect content and “be perfect” in this article at the beginning of the year. Seeing the shift that Venus is taking, the pride in showcasing women as we are in real life makes me hopeful that other brands will start to make positive changes like this, as well!

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