Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with Skyroam

Besides traveling, working on campaigns with brands and creating awesome content for GLWJ’s audience, I also work with brands and create awesome campaigns for their brand – behind the scenes. I have work to complete, deadlines to meet and clients to greet – which means staying connected while abroad isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

Enter – Skyroam – a portable Wi-Fi device that delivers a secured Wi-Fi signal (for up to five devices) almost anywhere in the world. This device turns anywhere you are into a Wi-Fi hotspot! Not only does Skyroam offer service nearly everywhere in the world – but, there are also no data limits! Woo-Hoo! Unlimited Snapchatting, Instagramming, Facebook Messenger-ing, WhatsApping, iMessaging (Tinder-ing? Anyone? No?) and more.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamTexting, Tweeting, Snapping? Either way, I was receiving a wifi signal from my Skyroam at a rooftop in Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.

Skyroam’s tagline is, “One World, Connected” and they truly hit the nail on the head because their device makes staying connected, around the world, as easy as entering a Wi-Fi password on your phone, computer or tablet.

I had the pleasure of testing out the Skyroam device on my recent trip to Italy and it worked everywhere I tried to use it – even on moving trains, in the tiny town of Bellagio on Lake Como and in all of the small villages in Cinque Terre.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamPlotting a clever caption for the Snap I was sending with the wifi signal from my Skyroam in Maranola, Italy.

What’s even better about the coverage and sheer convenience of Skyroam – is the cost. The device itself is running for a promotional rate of $99.99 with three complimentary day passes of service. After that service can cost as little as $8 a day.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamI don’t think it could’ve gotten any more remote than this pathway around Lake Como – but my Skyroam stayed connected, allowing me to Snap my adventures away.

When you’re ready to use your Skyroam you simply turn it on and connect! Skyroam runs on a 24-hour cycle so if you connect at 12:04pm, your service turns off at 12:03pm the following day. If you don’t need to use the service and have the pleasure of going off the grid while abroad, you can leave your device off and you won’t be charged for additional days. After your daily service has expired – reconnecting is as simple as touching the “OK’ option on the device.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamDon’t want to connect to the unsecured, public wifi on the train? NO PROBLEM! Skyroam to the rescue with a secure wifi signal to complete work on the train.

Now, nothing in this world is perfect and Skyroam isn’t an exception to a universal rule. Like any internet source – the more you connect to it, the slower your speeds are. I had to disconnect my one of my two phones to stream a movie on my computer – which is hardly any reason to throw it away. I’ve only been able to stream steady video abroad in a very small handful of hotels – so Skyroam is already #winning if anyone wanted to enter a “what about the hotel-WiFi” debate.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamHotel wifi can drain the energy out of you – but thanks to Skyroam I don’t have to share a strong signal with 100 other people and their devices.

Skyroam runs on cellular data service, the same way your cell phone does (not to confuse it with providing your phone a cellular signal). The only time I didn’t receive a signal on my Skyroam device was when I also wasn’t acquiring a signal on my Verizon iPhone 7, which picks up roaming service automatically.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamI wanted to watch the sun rise over Riomaggiore my first morning there but also didn’t want to ignore my massive email inbox – thanks to Skyroam, I didn’t have to decide! I brought my phone and my computer to the marina where I completed my work before breakfast.

For those who don’t travel as often as someone like myself you can even rent a Skyroam device for $9.95 a day – which is also a great option for someone who wants to test the device before purchasing. Although, after trying Skyroam I doubt anyone would want to go back to expensive, limited data via cellular plans or having to find a local SIM in a new country.

Never Worry About Finding a Wi-Fi Signal Abroad Again with SkyroamWhatsApp messaging my mom a picture of this GORGEOUS sunset in Riomaggiore, Italy – thanks to the constant wifi signal on my Skyroam.

Skyroam has officially revolutionized the way we stay connected abroad – and I couldn’t be any happier about it. I can’t fathom a scenario where I’m ever traveling without a Skyroam again! From the convenience of being able to work, online, while in transit from one location to another to the ability to stay in touch with fans, followers, clients, friends, and most importantly family, from nearly anywhere in the world – Skyroam is officially my new favorite travel accessory.




Disclaimer: My friends at Skyroam hooked me up with a device and service complimentary but as always, my opinions remain my own. I also may receive a small compensation for affiliate links in this article.

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